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    What's up peeps (MODS PLEASE SEE)

    I'm wondering if a mod can help me access an account that I prefer over this one. It's my "Gichan" account. I want to get back in to the tournament scene but I prefer to use the aforementioned account. Please reply here or send me a message. My specific issue, due to a fail, is that I do not...
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    Revival Of Salt-USA vs Canada-1000$Pot -

    who the **** is butter? Yo Suzaku you developed multiple personalities or am I missing something lol. For the raffle The Dud added two of her shirts, MK one and Peach one. She still has some left which I'll be selling with me since I'm going to be sitting on my *** the whole entirety of the day.
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    Revival Of Salt-USA vs Canada-1000$Pot -

    Bing, there is nothing wrong with $2 for a's $2. Please keep in mind the raffle is another small way to help with the costs to run this tournament so remember that the $2 is more than just attempting to win something, but also a small contribution in helping this tournament. I know...
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    Revival Of Salt-USA vs Canada-1000$Pot -

    This is Gi, gotta use my old account for now until I get access to my usual account. Anyways, for a tournament this calibre people need to contribute with housing, it seriously is a must. If I can fit 5 people overnight in my ****ty *** small apartment I know some of you can give up some space...
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    IMPULSE - Canada's Brawl & Melee National

    you ****ing piece of **** you like to try to sway hype from RoS. Like to screw me out of PR and smash community and now you like to **** around with tournaments. Everyone has been patient with tourney threads for your tournaments, either yours or co-hosted with mine, and now you like to just...
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    The GtaN Brawl General discussion thread! -Wait, did the title change?

    Our old Pr use to be called Greater Toronto Area and Niagara, therefore GtaN, aight ****? And sauc3, no, you did amazing and that's all I needed.
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    The Southern Ontario Power Rankings - 31/07/14 Update

    Michelle: I feel bad for not updating but I had work and other responsibities get in the way. I understand your reasons but as Gi said you really should have just asked instead of doing it without him knowing. I must admit I was a bit perturbed when I saw the update as it is similar to just...
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    The Southern Ontario Power Rankings - 31/07/14 Update

    Regardless, I'm old now, and adult life sucks. I've done a bad job of recent times due to being too busy and being tired in my time off, so in the end my anger is also directed at myself. I apologize for screwing things up. I would have loved to have been simply asked, that's all...
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    The Southern Ontario Power Rankings - 31/07/14 Update

    Tin, take the thread, this is ****ed. You went into my account, don't know how, and used michelle's image, don't know how once again, and changed **** up. I don't have time for this anyways, so there you go, ask victra or whoever the **** to take it. EDIT: Also, don't use michelle's images...
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    If you guys had a really big tournament...

    yo m2k, suck my **** and stfu. Stop demanding big tournaments from us, no matter what we get, even if we get 200 people, unless someone pays for every little thing for you, you won't come. **** you.
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    How do you SDI Sheik's usmash? Like, do you mean simply surviving, or hitting the ground?
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    Greater Toronto Area Thread - The other other other other other other other other Pokemon Thread

    Fuuuuccck man Pikmin raaappes! But i hate seeing dem beasts die, so I can't play. God damn I'm too soft with the most dumb ****.
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    No Bull****! Part II | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Results/Shoutouts/Pics | 10/1/2011

    Wow, iliad raging may be funny, but it happens. **** you guys, you don't understand what goes through our heads, it isn't just "that win belongs to me" it's mad disappointment in ourselves when work is put in and results don't show or when you feel you hit a wall, and can't get past it for...
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    Axs 3

    Wario bros gotta stick together lol, we might get another Wario from my scene down to. You gotta tell me in person of your PS1 ATs lol.
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    The GtaN Brawl General discussion thread! -Wait, did the title change?

    Btw, I also want to add, Cura said he'll cover sigles and doubles for any Canadian that comes, daaaayyuumm.