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  • yo
    riht now??
    as soon as u vm or pm me i'll b ready to beat yo but after for sum friendlies can u use ur wario i need sum wario practise like i actually 2 stalked percons kirby 3 times in a row with ice climbers at a smash fest but when he used wario like he just wrecked me and only in niagara pie is coming up so i need a bit of wario practise...CAN U HELP MEEE
    also by counter pick is frigate orpheon
    lol yeah man but i dun play on weekdays IM A GOOD BOY (Y). and yeah man i kinda said frieday do u have msn. because then things could b a lot EASYER
    Let me know when you want to play.
    Im on most of the time till march break finish.
    Im Poisonmist friend.
    I saw your Ice CLimbers and it looks good =)
    Maybe you want to play me online?
    I wanted to do friendlies lol ur IC's are ****! I never knew I used Kirby during pools lol

    I woulda teamed with WiGi but I am horrible in doubles atm

    next tourney we gotta talk more lol
    I wish but my router is gone now so cant go on wifi until I buy a new one.

    but occasionally I go to my friends house and brawl online so I'll msg whenever i can go on.

    .I got really lucky on the 1st stock btw ;] dunno what happened
    Hey there dude, I know you were burned from Wugwan Breda changing to Melee only, but it seems like the GTA Brawl community is stepping up to the plate in order to deliver a Brawl tournament the same day in a venue that is a 10 minute drive from the Wugwan Breda venue.


    Just a heads up in case you were still interested ^^. Housing is still available available too, but I won't be able to drive you and whoever else to the tourney itself since I'll be going to Wugwan.

    Please post in the thread to let them know of your support!
    yo wusup mine is mosef6886, i'm not on often but PM if u ever wanna play my FC is 2793-0287-9757
    Hey, I'm interested in the shirts that you advertised in the CoT4 thread. I read that you don't have pics of the shirts, but could I see the Zelda/Sheik design by any chance?
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