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  • that sounds good but if you want, consider this... if you have jan 17th 18th & 19th off then i can meet you 1/2 way! lets go to pound 4! its in MD i believe, and its gonna be HUGE. what do ya think?
    hey dude, you still alive? srry i didn't respond to your last message, i think i might have accidently deleted it before reading it "/ when are you off college? come down here and see us!
    No need to worry, considering you're in college now I shouldn't expect an immediate response, hahah. Good to see that you're still in one piece. Are you going full time, I take it? If so, how chaotic is it? I have people tell me I couldn't handle it.

    WiFi Games + X(School + Homework) = Something not getting done.

    ^ What little I've learned in school.
    [Orchestra & Choir]

    -An Epic Age
    -Prometheus Rising
    -Age of Discovery

    This is going to be without a doubt my favorite CD. Though unfortunately I've been extremely limited on internet access, so I haven't been able to order it yet.

    How's everything been for you?
    Maybe at SNES if you'll be there. I'll be in NJ tomorrow...wait forgot where youre from
    I have found... a CD so epic, I bought it on the spot, lol. I'll send you some samples later. It's titled: Trailerhead.

    What's going on? *Holds hand up* Ta-ta, looks like rain.
    ...UGH. I need your help! I'm considering getting into competitive Brawl again. DON'T LET ME SUFFER!
    I just noticed my poor grammar, lol. Sorry, I'm tired and am using the Wii to type.

    Gory is right, lol. I like blasting heads clean off with my combat shotgun when enemies tick me off. YET WHEN I TRY THAT ON A STUPID DOCTOR IN TOWN, HE MERELY GOES UNCONSCIOUS FOR 10 SECONDS THEN WARNS EVERY INVINCIBLE HUNTER / GUARD IN THE CITY. *Facepalm*

    But, that old classy-dance music the radio plays is pretty catchy. I personally like that kind of music.

    EDIT: RESORT! How is it? Is Wii Motion+ really all that worthwhile?
    Just trying to recover from an illness. I don't mind the sore throat, but I do mind what it's doing to me. I'm eating unhealthily, not getting exercise, and such. I can't stand it. It's destroying everything I've been working for, and the only thing I can do is to hope to get well soon. I hate the feeling of helplessness.

    Which brings up a rant. If there's two things in the world I can't stand, the feeling of being helpless is one of them. That's one reason I'm trying to get into shape, so I'm not so... helpless physically. I can't stand sitting sitting back and watch not being able to do whatever needs to be done. For example, if someone was beating up a friend of mine while nobody is around. If I was a puny guy, I wouldn't be able do anything to help but sit there and watch. It's almost like a phobia. I have zero toleration for that feeling. Even in movies, if there's a similar situation, I usually end up being put in a sour mood, hahah.

    Anyways, I've been cooped up inside playing my cousin's Fallout 3. Incredible game (but way too much profanity). I love how huge the environment is, and the amount of free roaming. But I don't like how some "important"(?) characters are impossible to kill. If it weren't for that, on my nasty file I could probably kill everyone in the entire wasteland. BAHAHAHA!
    Woah. I just saw a video of Chuck Norris & Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris & Chuck Norris. The screen practically turned pure white from all the explosions / awesomeness. AND HE DIDN'T EVEN USE THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK.
    Nvm, some of the N.C. guys offered to pay my way ^_^ so I'm still coming! :D
    Bad news, because of last minute finacial reasons, me and mits can't come to herb :(((((((((((((
    So, I got my head shaved today. My family disapproves of it, but I personally like it. I fail to see why people are so easily shocked at the hairstyle, or lack of. xD
    I'm back. So I went on this trip to learn more about myself, which I did, but it quite wasn't what I expected lol. Anyways, I shared a house with about... 11 guys, half of which turned out to be Smashers. We played Brawl, and I 2-stocked their "incredible" MVP using the Nunchuck, which prevented me from using ANY ATs, even SHing. Then later I got a GCN controller and 3-stocked evetybody. So then 3 other guys, a MK, Falco, & Ike teamed against me with Friendly Fire OFF. I killed them all with Samus, and got Ike down to his last stock at 115% before he landed a backwards Fsmash on me. Epic.

    Oh, yeah it was 3-stock, no Items.
    That would still technically be an "apple", lol. A fine use of imagination!

    I've failed my Self Controll test, yet passed my test of Stamina. Bittersweet. As of now, I am physically much more... "built" than I was just a couple months ago. I used to weigh 235lbs, and I am now 199. Victory is so close, yet so far....

    [Level Up!]

    Str. +11
    75 / 100

    Agl. +8
    48 / 100

    Def. +4
    67 / 100

    Mind. +23
    71 / 100

    Crit. -11
    10 / 100

    Combos. +27
    58 / 100

    (Despite the joke, it still is an estimated representation of what I've been working on / need to be working on. 100 represents the perfect value I feel can humanely be reached by my age / physique / build, and my goal. It's more of a personal goal than anything.)
    Blue: Have "mastered" and couldn't be any more satisfied in the category.
    Green: Am satisfied with, but could still build.
    Yellow: Working on it, but still needs improvement.
    Red: Needs much improvement in that weak category.
    Today, I fast again. Yet this time, I'm making it interesting by limiting myself to 1 apple. I need to decide how best to ration it.
    Oh yeah, LOL.

    "Woah, I'm falling towards the castle roof and Pro's getting left behind in the volcanic pit. xD"
    Aw, Ownage Kick for the finish! lol Good games. I should be heading off to bed. I was supposed to iron tonight, but put it off. =/
    Pretty good. We actually played a lot more Smash than expected and had a blast. I may start doing some more friendlies. Friendlies. Nothing more. xD

    They showed me a pretty funny Youtube clip as well. (300 PG) "FROOOOSTING!"
    Hey, there's no need to be sorry! Now, if you shot & killed one of them, then maybe, but you didn't do that, lol.

    How's the mall?
    Not a problem. I'll message you for more details later.

    This message will now self-destruct in 5 seconds.
    Late? It's not 'till tomorrow, lol.

    *Hands calendar*

    I'm still not 100% sure what's going on, I'll message you tomorrow sometime after 2:00PM. They usually stay untill about 7:00PM, so sometime between then.
    Solid & L8er are probably visiting tomorrow. Shall I try to convince them for some Brawl WiFi?
    I lol'd.

    By the way, that girl personally invited me to a... "gathering" at her house.

    Me: (YES!)

    Then she showed me a picture of her boyfriend (or something close to it).

    Me: (ROFL! *sniff*)

    Oh well, gotta keep looking. Anything new?
    That's true, but I get to see what you got on. Now those rides took pretty cool. And I can see why Bizarro is your favorite. Now I want to go to a theme park... D=

    Nope. The only holidays I remotely do anything with are Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that's because I'm forced to get involved, lol.

    Bahumbug. *Shuts helmet visor*
    WUT?! You didn't go on every coaster?! The first one gave me a chuckle, but the second one that shot straight up made me "BAHAHAHA!". NEED MOAR LOOPS, TWISTS, CHAOS, AND MISSING LIMBS!

    What're some of the other rides you went on aside from the one? Don't be afraid to flood a post with vids, lol.

    *Puts on scuba suit*
    If I was riding that, I'd turn around and say:

    "Hey, Pro!"

    "Ya'see, people like me..."
    *Takes glasses off*
    "We have nothing to fear..."

    That was a pretty cool ride. Do they have anything of larger scale?! There was no loop-de-loops. D=
    Woah, tell me about the trip! I would like to go, but I just worry if anything can actually give me a good enough thrill for $50 per person. Last time I went to a theme park (don't remember which), I rode their largest coaster twice, The Phantom, and got nothing more than a "...Woo...!". Though I'm sure Six Flags has a lot more, the idea just bothers me, lol.

    @All the Gigas posts:
    "Fear not fellow comrade, for we arrive in peace!"
    Yeah, I think I might stick with this one for a couple weeks. It makes me want to shout "HARK! Camelot is just over those mountains!"

    No problem. If anything, I think I was the one that left, so I should be doing the apologizing, ha. I'm healthy, just having some personal issues with what decisions to make in life. Just trying to define myself, which isn't easy with... current circumstances. In a nutshell, I'm just trying to find a way to get out of this house. For my sanity, lol. I also fell victim to chocolate yesterday, and paid for it with 5lbs. =(

    And yourself? Where're you plannin' on taking a trip to?
    HEY, Happy Birthday! Glad to hear things're going well. Lemme know how BlazBlue is. I know you've told me before, but I forgot.
    The girl was on a lunch break at work, and was talking with apparently a friend in a lowered tone. What I THINK I made out was:
    "... ... ... Aksel."
    "... So you're talking to him now?"
    Then I popped in unexpectedly to say "You all have a nice day.", which unexpectedly came out as a mutter, and left. (I was only there to check up on something.) So if she was talking about me, I wonder if I kind of blew it? LOL Dang, I suck socially. My nervousness got the best of me. From the way things are looking, I believe this chart explains well:

    I I I I*
    I I I I
    [* Possible point, not sure.]

    I really wish I could break my habbit of mumbling. A lot of people aren't able to understand me. Usually happens when I'm nervous / hesitant about talking to someone.

    By the way, parents say you aren't allowed to have a gf 'till college, or just your own thought?

    As for the "Adrenaline" topic, I've finished my reaserch. From what you've told me, and my findings, I'm 88.20% sure this isn't adrenaline I'm using. Despite having many of the same effects, real adrenaline has more biological activity going on that I'm pretty sure doesn't occur with me. Also, as you stated, I don't think it's possible to draw out adrenaline at will... unless some person had the unique ability to controll subconscious activities. However, I'm still not so convinced it's merely giving it my all. So an idea popped into mind. What about an Excited State of Meditation (ESoM)? I furthered my research on that, and it seems meditation was primarily used to find "inner peace", or a calm, simple state of mind. However, the information lacked proof that the only thing meditation CAN be used for is just peacefull thinking. Isn't meditation generally just "deep thought"? Hm.... One way or another I might just set this project aside for a couple years to focus on other more important areas.
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