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  • lol "May the Gigas be with you..." [/vader accent]

    Metroid: Other M was just announced a couple days ago at E3 2009. There's Youtube videos of the trailer if you're interested. I don't remember if you were much of a Metroid player.

    As for TvC's online... I guess I'll just have to see. It's made by CAPCOM rather than Nintendo, of which has more experience with online games... but I won't know for sure untill I try it.

    Well, good to hear SCIV's coming along alright. Have you played it online yet?
    How's that game coming along? I'm waiting impatiently for Metroid: Other M and Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM (Online confirmed, and possibly ladder?).

    EDIT: Woah... so much Gigas influence in your profile. lol Overpost.
    Yeah, it's a pretty big driveway. And 12 songs in a row? I'm not so sure I would do something like that, lol.

    Nah, the only way Monster Hunter can be made "easy" is if:
    -Armor pieces took significantly less monster parts (which I personally wouldn't mind).
    -Character equipment becomes overpowered (which this is their... 8th game? That won't happen.)
    -Monsters have significantly lowered health (possible, but I highly doubt it.)
    -A.I. became idiotic (which they claim have been drastically enhanced).

    I think Monster Hunter's fullproof. It's always going to be one of those games that'll make you want to throw your controller.

    "Monster Hunter 3 will be the first ever Wii game to use Pay2Play, meaning players will have to use Wii Points in order to play online."

    Sounds worth it to me. I'll pay.
    Phew, OK. So I only managed to jog down and half way back up, lol. So here's my goal:

    Jog down.
    Jog back up.
    Simulate a 30 second combat.
    Jog down.
    Jog back up.
    Simulate another 30 second combat.
    Walk / jog down.
    Walk back up.

    Once I can do that, I'll've passed my test of stamina / will. Uuuuh... it's probably gonna take a good month or two. Wielding Eris will take a few years.
    I've made it a full day, no problem. I've passed my test of self controll.

    I need a new test.... A test of stamina / will. Hm... I need to see how far I can jog up / down my driveway and set a new bar to overcome. It's really long, and slopes at a 45-degree half way up. I'll do that tomorrow. Then once I've finished that, a new test of strength--Effectively wielding Eris, which I've still yet to complete.

    These tests are pushing me one step forward to becoming a greater swordsman. And one step closer to being a chick magnet. xD Nah, kidding. Though that would make an interesting book title.

    "The Epic Quest To Becoming A Chick Magnet"
    --By: The Gigas
    My test... begins in the morning. If I fail a second time, I bring dishonor to myself. So failure is not an option. I WILL DO THIS! HOOHA!
    Xianghua is a cool character. If I was more flexible, I'd attempt to mimic bits and pieces of her swordsmanship, hahah. ...Minus the verbal "Here!" and "Tricked ya!", of course. Replace those with "MINDGAEMZ, SON!".

    This reminds me of Solid's Tekken game. He made me borrow it even though I didn't want to. He was trying to convince me to get Tekken 6 coming soon on the PSP. I was hesitant about it.

    Gigas: (Playing Tekken) "Man, this game stinks. It's so slow. You can't even side-step attacks your characters move so slow."
    Solid: "L8er didn't like it at first, either, but now he does. You'll just get used to it."
    *After a couple days of playing...*
    Gigas: "GET THIS GAME AWAY FROM ME, I hate it! I even tried getting my cousin to play, too, and he also hated it!"
    Solid: "So... you're probably not gonna get Tekken 6 then, huh?"
    Gigas: "NNNOOOOOO. Funny, you tried encouraging me by making me borrow the game, which turned out worsening my opinion on the game. xD"
    Woah, 50+ combos... I usually just hit SQUARE / TRIANGLE and hope it hits, lol. And what character is that?
    (I actually don't drink coffee, hahah.) I've tried several times, but never really liked it. I don't like tea either. =/ Just water, soda, and fruit drinks for me.

    This Tuesday I'm gonna try not eating again. I've changed my diet considerably, so I expect to do better this time.

    (Old diet [Average])
    4 servings of breakfast, 2 servings of lunch, 4 helpings of dinner.

    (Current diet [Average])
    Yogurt, Drink, 1-2 servings of dinner. Sometimes 1-2 servings of lunch.

    A lot of the time I don't eat untill about 1:00PM, so I'm used to going the first half of the day without eating. It's just the second half that's going to be testing. We'll see.
    My mind can't even fathom that.

    Funny, the other day someone asked me how they can wield the Ownage Beam. I pulled up a chair, had him sit in it, and poured us some coffee while going on this long speech about being a true warrior of ownage in battle, with an outstanding pile of epic victory and a reputation of destroying noobs. We went through a good several cups of coffee, and I'm still afraid he doesn't know the true meaning of Ownage Beams. I just hope he doesn't destroy himself trying to use it. *Sigh*

    (The above paragraph is a slight exaggeration to add drama for entertainment purposes.)
    BRING IT!!! I play bottom of bottom tier too, and I still ****. lol, sup jon, how ya been? Also, I need your X box live gamer tag in order to fight you. A Bill bros tourney is next week end. Its one of the larger NC tournies... I hope I do well, I can't wait. ^.^

    I'll try to ask them about Brawl, but I'm not sure. They usually just do what they wanna do. That and Monster Hunter does take a while to get things accomplished (especially when Solid's working on 2 characters at the same time, grrrrr). I'll check for you on AIM if they agree. (Anywhere from 3:00PM - 6:00PM tomorrow.)
    Hey, not bad. Lemme know how it goes.

    As for myself, not bad. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to work on my sword as much as I would have liked. Both Solid & L8er are visiting tomorrow. Not sure what we'll do, probably just play Monster Hunter.

    Solid recently challenged me at FE:SD, claiming to be able to destroy me. He surprised me with a ballista, but otherwise the most damage he did was take out my healer. I think his Marth's maxed out, but the most damage he did to my Draug was 1HP. I'm not sure what's different between both of yours.

    Oh, and for incredibly epic music, Youtube "Final Fantasy III DS Crystal Tower OST". One of the best videogame songs I've heard.
    You. Go to hulu.com.

    Search for Laser Cats. Watch them (the first one isn't there, you can find it on youtube or whatever though)
    Cornell is a party school, and there are a lot of hardcore gamers (and some really hardcore Smashers). Your social life is as active as you want it to be. There's like no limits there. If you ever want to chat about Cornell or have any questions feel free to message me on AIM.
    What is up with that weapon the guy with red glasses has? I've seen it in Samurai Warriors, too. I wonder if something like that actually exists. I don't even see how that IS a weapon in the first place.

    By the way, you weren't that slow noticing the "...wut?'. I just added that in the day before or so when I updated my avatar since they're now available for 100x100 size.
    Yeah, needless to say he destroyed me in Tekken... though I pulled off the vast majority of wins in Soul Calibur. Hahah, I had one too many close encounters, though. xD BOOYA!

    Solid: "Have you heard of Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM?" I'm pretty sure the both of us are getting the game. Rumor has it there's Online... but we need to wait and see for sure, though.
    I don't have a PS3, but I hear they lack in the "Good games" area, X-Box is rockin the goods games as of right now.
    I dont know dude, me and duo are pretty **** at SC, like I play Apprentice, I've never seen one better than mine on X-Box live. lol
    *Crawls in, clothes torn and covered in sawdust*

    Guh... r-run...! I-I've... created a monster!

    Seriously. I've finished cutting out the frame. Now I need to polish the handle, sharpen the edge, and sand it.

    Dude... this thing is heavy. I'm having a difficult time just lifting it off the ground. Lesson for the day: Longswords =/= Greatswords. Remember when I said I could smash a car with it? I honestly thought I was exaggerating a bit. Now that I actually have it cut out--no. I'm pretty sure it could, lol.

    On the other side of the blade, I need to engrave a disclaimer.

    2.5 hours to complete the above.

    EDIT: I took it for a test run. In order for me to get atleast decent momentum going, I have to make a full 360 spin, THEN swing, followed by another 360. I gave it to my uncle to try. He didn't even get it off the floor.
    Well, I've finished designing the sword, which alone took a day's worth of time. All that's left is to craft it. I'll engrave the name on the blade.

    Eris Galadriel Legendia
    (Wisdom Maiden of Legend)
    Or just "Wisdom" for short.

    Length: 6ft. 10inch.
    Width (Average): 7inch.
    Weight: N/A

    Needless to say, this sword requires a particular method of wielding since it's so large. A method who's style has never been used in history. Overall, it is slow, but incredibly strong if the wielder applies enough strength. A massive range of "death zone", considering it should be near unblockable (provided the opponent doesn't have a shield of any kind).

    It may be made of wood, but it's lethality is no joke, hahah. Litterally, I could smash a car with this thing if I wanted to. I dare not use this against someone for mere sparring practice even. It's going to take me several years to wield it right. An actual metal version of it would weigh around 45lbs, sadly. A bit much for your average Joe.
    Hey man! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I've been very busy aswell, you've got x-box live?!?!? Sick! Give me a list of all the games you have access too, I play alot of Soulcalibur 4, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, so if you have any of those, I'd be happy to play with ya. =D As far as your schooling and colleges choices go,good job bro, your really doin great in the academic world, I'm proud of ya, I'm try to get my realestate license and become a realestate agent, I have a friend who is really high up in a huge company thats gonna get me a very good spot right off, I can possibly make $90,000-$140,000 a year, so things are goin good over here.
    Almost all fighting games are geared towards PS2/PS3. You can occassionally find XBox set-ups, but Sony does dominate.
    I have a pair of those, too. But since they're short, the PVC pipes are less flexible, causing them to smart the most. I'm not a dual sword wielder. I've tried a couple times, and I clank them together too much.

    I used dual Longswords for a while, which ended in failure.
    I finished making sparring swords for my cousin and I. The best part is they're custom sized for our preferences. =D Made from PVC pipes and foam pipe coverings with some electric tape. Pitch black. The only thing about these swords is they sting like paintballs if you get wacked good. But that only teaches you to not get hit.

    My cousin's is about 3'8''. Mine's 5'. lol xD
    Excellent thought of personal value.... That would include...

    The Gigas (Secret of Mana reference.)
    Eris (Japanese[?] for Wisdom--wielding the sword with wisdom.)
    Brook of Eris (Brook, the girl I wanted to be the knight-in-shining-armor for.)
    Maiden's Defender


    Also, Solid has FE: Shadow Dragon and is leveling as we speak.
    I went to Lowes again today and got another plank of wood. As if my 6ft long sword wasn't enough, this plank of wood is longer, wider, and thicker. I'm guessing this sword'll weigh about 20 pounds, maybe more. (Average katana weighs around 4 pounds.)

    EDIT: Yeah, I measured it. By the time I cut it, it'll be about 19lbs. And because of it's size, I'm only making it single edged. Sharpening two edges of something that size is just too much for me. I also don't know how well the wood's going to hold because it was only $5.

    I could replicate Cloud's Buster Sword with this thing if I wanted to, lol.

    Buster Sword < Ragnell < My Sword < Iron Sword

    Hm... I should probably give it a name.

    Dragon Breaker
    Dragon's Rage
    Meta Knight
    Rainbow Cutter
    Noob Buster
    Crushing Valor
    Hero's Valor
    Phantom of Dawn
    The Gigas
    The Sasquatch
    Star Smasher

    Which do you like best? Or suggestion?
    No... I can't do it alone. Or atleast I'm too cheap / lazy to.

    (Method requires bringing the following material:) [Money is rough estimates from the top of my head.]
    20 Large Barrels [2,000z]
    20 Gunpowder [4,800z]
    10 Scatterfish [6,000z]
    3 Large Barrel Bombs [4,000z]
    2 Large Barrel Bomb+ [5,600z]
    50 Power Coatings [2,300z]
    Specific Armor Combo [45,000z]
    Felyne Heroics skill [2,000 - 9,999,999z]

    Extensive mastery of practice, zero error.

    I only have about 180,000z, and I'll probably have to kill the White Fatalis 6 times to have enough material for a full armor set, excluding the incredibly rare Dragon Jewels.

    I'm just gonna wait untill Solid & L8er are ready, which could take a couple weeks. Possibly months. But their equipment is definitely near top-of-the-line grade, so maybe not too much longer.
    Ooh, well, at least you have an attention spa--

    ...Is that a bird chirping at 10:22 at night?

    *Walks away*
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