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  • I still can't drive, sadly, hahah. And a number of people are on vacation. Anyways! I did some pondering, and you're right. My Great Grandmother had a plaq--"There are other things in life besides Money--Hunger... Misery... Poverty". That's the last thing I should be worrying about right now, and besides, it might still be there. Sorry about my cry babyness, I don't think I was in top shape to begin with yesterday. Grandmother's recipie killed my stomach. =_=

    News Update: I was told by someone I should look into competition sword fighting. It's something I'm taking into consideration.

    As for the girl, the main thing I'm concerned with is her father. I'm not sure if we kinda got off to a bad start, thanks to a 3rd person. He's the kind of father that doesn't believe his kids should be playing videogames. At the time I didn't know this. Infact, I don't even tell people that I do play videogames, unless I suspect they have an interest of some sort. My family's the opposite. They tell the whole world I do, and I wish they would practice discretion.
    Well, the sir came over for a visit once with some of the kids. After a while, the kids came to me and asked "Your uncle said you had some games to play?" I thought to myself ("...Who the heck told them? This is going to affect my reputation...") "Yeah, sure, I got anything from Nintendo 64 to Playstation 2."
    "Oh, we thought he (my uncle) meant like boardgames."
    "Ah, unfortunately I don't have too many of those. He was talking about videogames."
    "Well... we like the Nintendo 64?"
    So we popped in Mario Tennis, and I've never seen kids have as much of a blast as they. Father came in and said: "C'mon, we gotta get going." I replied: "Hey, we gotta get you to join us next time!" He smiles and says no, and leaves. Haven't heard from him since.

    EDIT: Geez, those mosquitos even bit me on the neck. Those little boogers are vampires.
    Hey, my very first payday I've worked 3 weeks for! Now I've got some confidence to ask a girl out I've had my eye on for some time. (No pun intended towards my Avatar.)

    ...I left it at work. If I'm unlucky, it won't be there when I get back in about 4 days, since it was just laying on top of my desk.

    ...I need to go for a walk. ...Hopefully I can make myself usefull and at least feed the mosquitos.
    I think in about 15 years, my family Doctor will be Dr. Brawler. It would be a good investment.

    What specific career did you plan on going into again?
    I'm hoping this'll just improve my stamina and babe magnetry, as that seems to be my weakspot. While training, I actually run out of breath far before my body gets tired. So once I catch my breath, I can get right back into gear. It's a bit ackward, actually. When I did my nonstop training that one morning, I had to run out of breath about 4 times before by body even started to get tired. I just had to kneel, not lie down or anything. Unless that's normal? I guess that depends on what kind of workout, too.

    I've been trying some breathing practices to help counter that. Some of it seems to be psychological. I imagine myself to be more tired while breathing heavily, rather than keeping it under controll and breathing through my nose. Blah.... That might just be me, though.
    Thanks, but I can't pat myself on the back just yet. I've still gotta pass Goal 1.

    (Off topic late night post.)

    So far I'm down 30lbs... merely 5lbs from my primary goal weight of 200lbs flat. My secondary goal was 180lbs, though looking at my abdomen / overall size, it might actually have to be 160lbs, far less then I would have even imagined... I'm not even sure if I'd be comfortable at such a light weight.
    Yup, and sure. I'm going to be playing the hell out of that game ^_^. I'm probably going to use Jin and V13...also maybe Noel
    It's OK, I gotta get to bed anyways. I can read any messages late after work, though not sure if I'll be awake enough to respond right then.
    Very true words. And sadly, untill I can find the right mindset and continue to learn more about it, it's probably borderline just going all out. That's why I'm kind of hesitant on calling it "adrenaline", and where a question arises--What is going "all out" in my style of swordsmanship? It's probably something that needs to be tested since 95% of the time I train, it is with a concentrated / calm state of mind. Hahah, I'm the type of individual to move at my own pace, for better or for worse. Is "going all out" just a different pace for me? Or if it was just me giving it my all, shouldn't I be able to to do that whenever I want? And what exactly is all that I have to give versus what could be done with "adrenaline", so to speak? Maybe it's something different from the two mentioned? Hm... Unfortunately, there's a lot of answers I don't have that I wish I did. First of all, I just need to do simple research of what exactly "adrenaline" is, the causes and effects, scientific studies, and such so I don't throw the word around so loosely. Infact, now that I think about it, my usually calm state of mind is probably a cause for making this difficult for me. Unless I'm mistaken, "adrenaline" comes in a state of panic, or near-death... so am I just fooling myself? Only one way to find out--*Begins research*.

    Hahah, I'm laughing on the inside. This is a good indepth conversation. I don't get that with my other friends. xD

    How's your virtual training?
    For training, I went out in the morning in my front field, and replicated live combat for as long as I could. I did that nonstop untill I could nolonger stand. So then I kneeled there to recover a little stamina in preparation for something else I've been working on ever since I first picked up a sword. Wielding adrenaline, or something close to it. Despite me working on that for 14 years, it's still in it's raw stages, lol. And it only seems to get worse as I grow older, maybe because I don't have the energy I did when I was a kid. So I'm going to have to find another way to invoke it, even different eating habbits.

    From what little I've gathered, I have to think of something near and dear to me, and what I would do to protect that if a situation like this would ever come to pass. There's more to it than just this, but I haven't 'figgered it out yet. And a lot of the time, I can't even do this whenever I want. <--That's what I'm working on. To find a mental state where I can bring this out whenever needed. You really have to know yourself to be able to do this, find the right time, rhythm, when it's necessary, and it isn't easy.

    Negative Effects:
    -Spend a lot of time thinking. There's no time to ponder in live combat.
    (Hopefully can eliminate this.)
    -The boost of energy doesn't last very long. Most likely due to my poor stamina.
    (Hopefully can improve this.)
    -You become extremely weary afterwards.
    -Swordsmanship becomes sloppy. Or atleast, for me it does.
    (Hopefully can improve this.)
    (LOL Version: MP v - STAMN v - WAIT v - Lasts for 1 turn(s) only.)

    Positive Effects:
    -Swings become much more swift and agile, without losing any of it's strength.
    -You might even be able to apply more strength in your swings than usual, pending on how you use this.
    -Higher pain tolerance. Not sure if that would matter much against another sword, though.
    -Pending on how you use this, possibly slightly better reaction time.
    (LOL Version: ATK^ - DEF^ - AGL^ - PARRY^)

    I've still got a lot more to learn about it, how to bring it about, properly apply it, better controll it, and such. Right now it's garbage, but hopefully I can turn it into something usefull eventually. Also, I can only seem to do this with Short Swords / Single-Handed Swords. There's no way I can do this with a Bihander.


    I'm off during the weekends.

    I do have a USB Keyboard for the Wii, but I don't usually use it. And this is what I pay.

    15 minutes into 1--Tomorrow at dawn, train 'till I drop. Litterally. I'll fill you in later how that goes.
    Pretty good. My swordsmanship has never been at a level like it is now. I'm quite satisfied with my current progress. Even my aunt, who was always so critical, was impressed by one of my techniques. Which by the way is:

    Backwards 90-degree cut-->
    360-degree cut with left hand-->
    Spin & catch sword behind my back, underhanded-->
    Underhanded upwards cut-->
    Spin sword to a downwards cut-->
    Twirl sword with one hand switching to overhanded, diaganol cut-->
    Parry by swing back of blade upwards-->
    Diaganol cut

    Still has work to be done, and is more for show than combat, but is still effective and visually impressive.
    Awesome, bet your glad that you finaly get a little break. Dude, I just found out today that my parents are having the internet shut off, I wont be on near as often, I'll pop in every once in awhile, like when I'm at my gf's house, but other than that, nope.
    Be sure to keep in touch while in college. I've lost track of an old bud of mine when he went. =/

    How's Starfy? I personally never heard of it before Brawl.
    I had today off due to other people screwing up the schedule, so I gotta work 30 hours in a row now. Oh well. It's going alright, though we have a batch of newbies doing the rabies certificates, and some of their penmanship I have to read is terrible.

    Hey, remember that guy that gave me that Ultima equipment? Little did I know, it DID come at a price. A heavy one, too. He somehow screwed up my main story and I had to delete my file and start over. =l

    Though last night I stayed up with a group of guys untill 2:30AM doing Story Mode. I had a Mage in my group casting magic comboes I didn't even know was possible. It seems a lot of the people I group with are really nice fellas.

    How're things with you?
    Well, he DID start to stomp on my head, making me drop 300G each time, but he didn't steal it from me.

    As for lag, it's not so bad all of the time. About 1 out of every 3.5 groups I've joined had considerably hindering lag. And this game doesn't have frame lag, just input delay.

    I'll get back with you on a gameplay video. It is action / adventure. Gotta go to work.
    Well, I played my game online and had a blast. I had several uber powerfull people help me out with my story line. In terms of WiFi, the game is both, better and worse than Brawl. Better by the fact that you can actually chat With Anyone. You can only choose from a list of preset speeches, but it's still better than not at all. And while playing With Friends, you can actually do a live chat in game using a keyboard.

    -You can help other people with their main story Online, and everything you get, you keep for yourself and vice-versa.
    -Chat available With Anyone. Despite it being very restricted / complicated, it's still much better than nothing.
    -There's a lot of things to do, between finishing the main story, side quests, and even versing other players!
    -Live text chat With Friends.
    -Great multiplayer value, it's much more fun to play with others than the CPU... as long as you don't join a Lvl. 99's group.
    -No Taunt Parties With Anyone.
    -No cheap spammers.
    -No crybabies / sore losers.

    -Lag can be worse than Brawl's at times. I played with one guy with a full 2-second lag. I litterally could not jump on a simple platform. He had to come by and carry me across the obstical. Sometimes it's not so bad though. Depends on who you're playing with. The 2-second lag usually happens when I play Around the World.
    -Friend Codes. They're still here.
    -Chatting With Anyone is complicated. Odds are by the time you've selected the "I need help!" message, someone's already healed you by then. Quick replies With Anyone don't exist.
    -Only 1 save file.
    -With Anyone groups works much like Brawl's. It just searches for random players for you to team with, and a lot of the time you just end up with 2 players instead of 4.

    I just had a really cool experience:

    *Joins group*

    Guy: "Greetings!"
    [He's about 3 times my level.]
    Me: "Hey everybody!"
    Him: *Drops Ultima Weapon*
    Me: O__O; "Wow, thanks!"
    Him: "Any time."

    (We go on a quest. I keep dying in one shot since his "world" as at a much further point in the game than I. We eventually lose and go back to Town.)

    Me: "Sorry." *Goes to Save Stone to leave*
    Him: *Picks me up and tosses me away from the stone*
    Me: O_o
    Him: (Buying stuff at the Armory)
    Him: *Drops Beasts' Helm*
    *Drops Legendary Robe*
    *Drops 3000G*
    Me: *Wets my pants*

    I could have sworn he sent me a Friend Request, but I didn't know how to accept it. D=
    @New Alias: Just kinda made it up on the top of my head. It probably started off with SCIII. I had to come up with a bunch of names for different characters. I thought:
    "Man, I gotta come up with a good, solid name... All I ever use is Ax and Exe. Hm..."

    *Spots FFIV video of Gilgamesh boss fight*

    "Woah, that guy is awesome. I should use the name Gilgameshdos... Hm. Galgames... Gulgames... Golga... Gokkei.
    0_o Not bad, but I wonder how long I can make it? Gokkeitsu... Gokkeitsuoma..."

    *Inputs name in Final Fantasy CC*

    *Does not fit*

    "Gokkeisu. EUREKA, I LIKE IT!"
    Yeah. Though I don't know why, I'm not comfortable with making threads, lol. I've only ever made 4: Intro Thread here, Intro Thread at AiB, Samus Guide at my old crew's site, and one about new Samus tricks on SBR many years ago, which got 0 replies. xD
    Also, I'm thinking of adopting a new alias. First it was Temper, to Sasquatch, Gigas, and now I'm thinking:

    Gokkeisu. (Gokkeitsuo? Gokkeisuo?) Or just Gokkei for short. I think I like it.
    I've made a social group in hope there's other players here. It's a really good game, though I wish I got it for the DS rather than the Wii. It's annoying playing using only 1/4th of the screen, though I understand why they do it. Supposedly I can even play online with someone who's sittin' on the pot with their DS.
    I finally got a good online game for the Wii. Atleast I expect it to be good. Haven't played it yet.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicles: Echoes of Time.
    I sent you the replay of my Samus ceilling-teching a spike.

    And for the fun of it, I also sent you a replay of Diddy going Phantom Mode on me and soaring through a huge set of walls.
    Better. Though I ate a Double Whopper. 3lbs gained right there. Also +4lbs from last Sunday's burger. I need to get into gear.

    I work 2 days, get one off. Work 2 more days, get 2 more off. Excellent deal if you ask me, even though I work like 10 hours a day.

    I'm waiting for the computer to become available so I can give you info about Fivel.
    LOL XD got nothin but bro love for ya man. ( no homo) any word on that trip your planning?
    WHA--I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! You dare say A****aka in front of me?!

    I'll send you some Fivel info tomorrow. I gotta head off to bed. Later.
    Woah, that sounds like an interesting movie. Be sure to let me know if you hear anything about it's re-release.

    When I was a kid, and even now, one of my all-time favorite movies were An American Tale and Fivel Goes West (both of which featuring a mouse named Fivel).
    O_o What is your avatar? It's small, but it looks like a bear / seal / warrior / unicorn / thing.
    Bah, I betcha Imageshack is behind this felony. EDIT: Now it's showing? O_o

    I'm interested in seeing your new suit (Avatar & Signature) when you make it.
    I was playing With Anyone, and was owning with Samus. So 2 of the other 3 players picked Samus and teamed against me. I think I still have the replay.
    Yeah, I misspelled it. Not a good sign, lol.

    Thanks. Despite how unorganized the place is, I won't have to deal with crazy customers, which is a HUGE plus for me. I'm not fond of working in customer services.
    So, yesterday I spent 3 hours on my sword, and 3.5 hours today. Boy, I'm sweatin' buckets.

    So far I've finished the handle. I rounded the corners for a comfortable grip, and sanded it down to make it smooth.
    The wood overall was very rough, so I've sanded down both sides of the blades to make an overall smooth-to-touch sword. Or atleast I've done half of it today. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow.
    I've sharpened 40% of the blade so far. This is the most time consuming and physically taxing part of the project. It's going to take at least 3 more days of work to finish.

    What's left:
    -60% of the edge left to sharpen.
    -Sanding the edge to make it smooth.
    -Sand the other side of the blade to make both sides smooth.
    -Add a second handle along the backside of the blade. (Pending)
    -Engrave text.
    -Paint. (Pending)
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