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  • XD my bro reformat my computer and I have to find a bunch of drivers. After that I should be able to download photoshop and start working again >.< Should be around the weekend.
    **** bro, this **** really sucks T-T I was gone on Saturday and i come back to this? Everything seems to be falling apart unfortunately. I hope everyone comes back together in the future. I'll give it some time.
    Jon, Im not giving up, your my friend, I dont want people to be feuding with each other, so lets please stop this and be friends again, I am making a stand for you, I got everyone to let you in, and told them it was wrong what all of us has done, and were sorry for it
    Follow Chaco, he is like the white night of Gotham and I am like Batman.

    Or something.
    Ah. I got like, 85%ile on writing D:

    Its some PSP fighting game. It looks pretty amazing, but I'm not going to buy a PSP just for it. Plus Otherworld plays on the FFX stage.
    AB? I've never heard of that. And isn't AP stats a joke? Or it that maybe just at my school?

    Also, I've got the mp3, so that song is unnessicary to me :bee:
    I trust you've seen Tidus and Jecht are in Dissidia?
    Let us bask in the glory that is Otherworld.

    FFX inspired my name, so yeah. I'm a little fond of it.

    EDIT: Hey, I'm in DE calc. We're so smart.
    Jolly good speech, Jon. Top of the line. Capital. Vote Jon Pro for President '08. >_>

    jk. Actually, the reason I want you to join is for YOUR reason. You are much too modest in your skills. I want you to represent using Z/S, and make a name for yourself. I know that most of the guys in it suck with the females, but who cares? A tourney = a tourney. I will do this kind of tourney occasionally. It can get popular
    Did you check Kawaii and I's female tourney? If you rep Zelda/Shiek, here is a good tourney to show them your skill.

    "Skill...you has it."
    Look Pro, I wanna ask you a favor. Recently on SB I made an social Group for finding Members and search for clan wars. I would like New to be the first avalible clan. All i need is your say so and i'll send your regristion format. Remember with new members we can expand New's Horizon. With More clan wars our victory rate will go up and we'll be reconised as an Top clan! As everyone may know, im not the most serious/organized person, but I know I can pull this off! Since New Members are well known, the request will come flying in!
    Yo, I use pika too, I've been told I aint bad with him. We should play some time. =)
    hey, Gg, no offence,but ur pikachu was annoying as ****!
    marth coudnt handle him at all lol
    next time, i ll be lucas
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