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  • Not yet man...I just put color hacks on my brawl, they look sweet...I'll probably put the brawl+ codes up there too later on

    I wish you lived next door. I do.

    You don't know who I am. But I still wish you lived next door.
    When can you brawl today? And I won't use hammer so much if you won't kirbycide EVERY FREAKING GAME.
    we can play now if u want

    since i'm signed on and all just promise u wont hammer 1500 times lol
    If you're not to busy kicking the *** out of the ganons, when can you brawl me? I really want to brawl a good kirby... no one at my clan has one, asdioh's at college, yoshi-kirby doesn't really use him any more...
    What comment on my profile? Whatever...

    when can you brawl? I have a snow day, I'm assuming you do too...
    I saw your comment on A1's profile about the Forward B Ganon Lock. If you manage to get it down, I'd love to get a video of it (I thought Twilight Prince had done it to me, but he said he actually did just really good tech chasing, so I really want to see how the infinite differs, as, from my limited knowledge, it basically just sounds like godly tech chasing.)
    Meh... hammer isn't really my favorite move, I just need to remember "This is gonzo. Not some scrub from your clan. Gonzo. He probably won't fall for that." XD

    I almost beat you that one time... then I got smash-happy and lost...:(

    I'd like to kick whoever made my gc controller in the balls for the following reasons:

    1. You know how I kept on vulcan jabbing when you were behind me? Those were utilts. UTILTS.

    2. Yea, I meant to jump twice into the weird glowing thing when you spat me out under battlefield, which screwed me.

    And... those kirbycides... you didn't need the stock advantage. You were ahead most of the time. And when you weren't, I had to punch something in frustration.
    Hm... let me think... **** YEA!

    And don't kirbycide so much this time... I'd like to be able to truthfully say I beat gonzo.
    that sounds good, i might be doing some housework but if i do i'll let u know, otherwise i'll b on at 10:30
    Um... I've seen your messages about not wanting to play wifi... but... wanna play wifi today or tomorrow?
    Pennsylvania's too freaking far.

    ggs though. Wifi requires a different playstyle, if you play it enough you'll get used to it, but it'll probably hurt your offline game.

    Which is why I fail at offline tourneys >_>
    Yea... I'm glad I could get replays of basically all of those. I will watch them till the day I die. XD
    I can never, ever, be in a free-for-all with you and Asdioh again. There were multiple times where I almost died of laughter. :laugh:
    lol ok I'll go on now...I haven't taken a shower yet XD

    Smashboards takes too much time.

    if you're in the Kirby Break Room social group, take a look, I posted the tourney results. All the Kirby mains failed hardcore so I don't feel too bad
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