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  • Hi there!

    I have heard a lot about you and I was wondering if you could give me some tips to get my footing in the community! I have been playing melee for about 3 or so months competitively, I am in Abbotsford BC, but have trouble getting to the Vancouver area .

    I would love to hear back from you!
    I never knew you had a Smashboards page. I remember playing with you at Northwest Majors IV this year, you played a very good Falcon. I'd love to play sometime in the future if we ever cross again, I've come a long way since that set.
    I'm sorry that I don't remember you. What character did you play?

    Thanks. I'm definitely down to play whenever we cross paths again. I don't know what the future holds for me at this time, but we will play again soon.
    I played Link and Sheik. You knocked me out of the Winner's Bracket in round... three? Four? I should've stayed Sheik, but I constantly switched characters. Changed to Zelda midmatch and got railed, and picked Link and it went worse.
    Hey, Do you have any tips for playing Falcon?
    Hey dude. Umm falcon is a very combo based and good at punishing other characters for their mistakes. I suggest practicing your punish game/combo game; which also involves tech chasing.
    Thanks Man That Really helps!
    Hi there,

    I saw some videos on Reddit or something of Apex 2014 and I was blown away. I played smash with friends but I had no idea it could be taken to those levels. I looked up top players and noticed that you are from New West (where I live) I wonder if you would mind if I ask you about smash and the community around here?

    I'm located in Surrey BC and I want to start going to tournaments, but I have no idea where to start. Would you be able to help me out?
    Hey dude, I'm new to this forum but I need more metro-vancouver friends to play smash with!! If you know of any smash stuff going on, I'm heavily interested..
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    Hey man. I started a conversation between us. Check it out and reply back on there.
    Hi Blunted!
    How are you?

    Do you go APEX tournament?
    I got it my visa and stay in New York with my friend one week.
    I go for tourism and playing APEX.
    I hope see you and play Melee!

    Sorry, my english is bad and you need patience with me.
    Maybe, we will not talk very much, because my english, but the important is playing MELEE!

    I'm did my cellphone and i go using the tradutor hahaha!

    Dude!!! I wish I was going to Apex unfortunately I will be busy with school and work... I will look for you on the stream though! You better get Top 20 at least! Good luck!
    Aisengobay BR
    Aisengobay BR
    I understand, but i will return in 2015!
    The next APEX we play!
    I try, i try, my promise! Let's go we talk more times.
    Thanks for answer!
    If you return 2015 then I will definitely try and make it to the next APEX! I look forward to watching you play online!
    Hey dude, I won't be coming on Saturday, so you'll have to make sure other people step it up in bringing setups.
    I just like to see what's happening with Melee from time to time. Is that so wrong? =0

    Don't worry about it. Just don't let it happen with Phoenix 5. D=<

    I couldn't say, there's a good chance my semester's being delayed until November or even later.
    If by some miracle I am in BC, any Saturday except the 2nd works best.
    Oh hey
    I live in Ontario right now close to the GTA.

    AIV is the Art Institute of Vancouver, it's about 20 minutes away from Richmond.
    im going to start posting vidoes of myself

    like 3-5 EVERY WEEK

    and i really want your help/critique because im starting to ****ing lose it, sucking so hard for so long is getting to me

    so when i get them up, ill send them to ya. i really appreciate it btw, going nuts here
    why would i money match him

    i dont money match ne one

    and u canada douchebags are acting

    all douchey

    **** douches
    I was gonna come, but my grandfather just passed. I gotta go to his funeral. It shouldnt be too long b4 I see you guys tho
    Whatup yo, U still hella **** at this melee ****.

    Im gonna beat you in a friendly soon lol.
    I scrubbily squandered. Never again though.

    I wish you had gone to Pound 4 bro. I wanted to meet you.
    I can has your msn?

    I will hold on to your american dollar until the next time we meet - I promise :)
    Haha yeah, I've definitely heard you before. I'm supposed to team with Col Bol, but he might not go (or team with DJ nintendo lawl), and then I've gotta check on whether any of my other partners have teammates yet, but if they do I'd like to
    Sorry about that, I needed sleep like crazy haha.

    Very basically, it's because the name is really funny lol.
    I'm more of an AIM kinda guy but I'll try to get MSN together if it'll work better for you.
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