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  • I just saw a youtube comment where you claimed to be a veteran smasher. I can't believe that this is true. I thought you were saying stuff just to put some credibility behind your name but it is true.
    Hi Diakonos!
    How are you?

    Do you go APEX tournament?
    I got it my visa and stay in New York with my friend one week.
    I go for tourism and playing APEX.
    I hope see you and play Melee!

    Sorry, my english is bad and you need patience with me.
    Maybe, we will not talk very much, because my english, but the important is playing MELEE!

    You know, its funny, with all the GREV videos, I've been pretty down on myself, and I was thinking to myself earlier today "man, I just wish I could get a little morale boost.."

    and then I read this: "I like your posts and the way you play"

    I know its silly but that sentence really helped my mood. You're the best dude.
    "I was a bit surprised because my impression is that you're capable of a bit more than those videos showed."

    Ouch. That cuts deep. :(

    Thanks for the advice. Your post definitely motivated me :D
    When can I move in?

    Smash would be great. I don't regularly drive to school but Booshk does, meaning he can bring a cube. Do you have a phone number at which you can be reached?
    no roomates, Im not sure where theological seminaries are held but certainly somewhere nearby.

    i have a tv in my room if you ever want smash between after or before classes or something and im not out somewhere wallowing in brambles.
    Alright, no problem. Have a good one man!

    And yeah, for sure. I'll see if I can plan something that the entire crew will be able to make it to in the future.
    just let me know if you're planning to come to my smashfest on the 30th and i'll pm you my address if you're gonna drive. if not just let me know and we'll figure something out

    I won't be able to make it to Frank's concert. My lovely woman lady friend has a day off tomorrow, and I'd like to take her to the movies or dinner (but not both). My apologies man =/. Hopefully next time I'll be able to make it to one of the events your church has.
    Are you down to play some smash? I want to, if possible, get some practice in before the next tournament.

    Also, do you have any ways of contacting Sion? His computer broke so I have no ways of reaching him.
    Sheik doesn't really get a good use out of edgecancels. Low aerial mobility and her attacks leave her open below so jumping high to edgecancel only compounds these.

    For ground play I don't know. Hardcore dash dancers are troublesome. I suppose tilts and lots of waveshielding and short movements are probably good as Sheik. No idea what Marth does though.
    I think Adam needs more accuracy with his combos. He goes for stuff that will work, but then does it incorrectly or mistimes and then he drops the combo. I also think that vs a Sheik as jumpy as you he needs to either be more bold and challenge your aerials with Uairs and whatever or be more timid and look for chances to dash dance grab, or dash shield grab on a poorly spaced move. I also think he needs more general control over his moves... a lot of stuff that would have killed you or setup an edgeguard didn't pan out that way because he hit you the wrong way.

    For you? In general I think you're far too willing to put yourself above him. He doesn't really punish this as hard as he could but willingly going above Falcon is equivalent to handing him 40% or a stock.

    You defend mostly with aerials it seems. This isn't really horrible since it works sometimes vs Falcon, but you SH rising Bair a lot and I hate that defense vs Falcon (and most characters) unless they're starting above me. It's so easy to punish if they have good control over their dash dance (and general ground movement). I guess Adam isn't really patient so it's not an issue but it can be suicide to do that sort of thing vs I dunno I'll go with Hax.

    I think your edgeguarding and some combo move choices are weird. And fairly suboptimal at times. Your follows out of throws are also kind of random. You're probably trying to not be gay or whatever with the tech chasing stuff but it really makes a big difference against him and gives you way more damage output.
    Yo, what image are you using for crew sigs? Just want to get an idea of what everyone's using.
    I want to smother you in affection. So, hugs, basically. And exchange smiles. And play smash.

    I'm not upset with you at all.

    In terms of what's wrong... nothing really, actually. It's one of the few times that everything is actually working out decently. I don't really like MMs with people I like, so some general seriouslies would be preferred honestly. I really want to play you. :)
    Ya, I just need to know how long you plan to stay for. I'm not housing for the weekend of the tournament, just the week before and after. it was really just for people who were flying in a week early to go sightseeing and such, or for cheaper ticket fares.
    Don't worry Manuel. I just said it to get Tony to play his absolute best to ensure he doesn't have any excuses when he loses to you.

    I'm not much of a gambler, especially if it's for such a big amount of money.

    That certainly is enough to treat 2 hobos, but also enough to treat you to subway if you win. Be sure to win for some subway ;)
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