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  • Please tell me what your cell # is. I have somehow managed to obtain 3 contenders, and I have no clue which one is the right one. >.<

    Thanks! Just wait 'til the videos are uploaded. I had a ton of great sets, and there are even a few matches of my MK bailing me out against ROB. =P

    thats what she said

    I still think you need to trian up your Snake so it can wreck even more ****. D=

    Probably, yes. However, the length of my visit will depend heavily on how tired I am. :x

    I'll probably end up staying until midnight anyway... >.>

    Super sorry for ditching out on you tonight. D= I looked at what my workload for this week is going to be, and though I have a midterm and a major assignment due Wednesday, everything else is pretty much empty. Like I said before, I'll stop by tomorrow, and I can smash on Thursday for as long as you're available. =0 We can figure something out for Wednesday as well, because there is a smashfest happening at SFU Surrey.

    I got 3 hours of sleep, and I've been alternating between working on homework, eating, walking to classes, and a bit of procrastination since around 7:00 yesterday evening. I'm not done yet, but I've pretty much given up on the last part. The tank is empty. D=

    I also have to go to Surrey to run a few errands after I hand in my incomplete assignment. =S

    I win! ...Or lose. However you want to look at it.

    Yeah that's fine - keep working hard at school man :)

    I think a couple of people are coming out from abbotsford and we are having a multiple day smashfest before overture - so you can come over any time between thursday and saturday if you want to get a little smashing in :)
    No worries. It was still my choice to go over there in the end. =P Just don't expect me to be able to make it tomorrow.


    ...I'll try to make it for at least a couple hours. It'll have to be a bit later though...

    ...Wtf Ben, you have to stop playing on my Wii so much, MK is the character with the highest amount of total matches on my Wii now :p
    Holy bajeezus, you scared me. >.< When I saw that you had terrible news, I thought you meant something really serious. D= It's okay though, I discovered today that I need to step up my attentiveness to assignments. Maybe I'll actually get something useful done today. =0

    I'm not gonna leave without you, mainly because I don't know where Vincent lives and I don't have my cellphone working. =P It's probably going to be around the same window for me as well, since I'm not familiar with the 144 bus schedule yet. I think I'll hang out at the bottom of the staircase coming down from the skytrain platform. There's a nice, open space there, and it won't be as crowded as the platform itself will be.

    I was going to eat at the dining hall, but I'm fine with grabbing some food there to break of the monotony of eating the same two things every time. >.<

    I'll just post in the thread saying you need a controller. I'm sure somebody will bring one. =P

    That is waaaaaaaaaaaay far away from me. o.0 It would be much more direct for me to go straight from SFU to Metrotown station. Would it be possible to meet there instead? I won't have time to eat if I have to go all the way to the Stadium station... D=

    not sure I gave you my msn, here it is again lol


    btw do you have any advice for me from our matches?
    Augh, I want to play your Snake again. The Yoshis gave me so much good advice, and I can't wait to try some of it against you. =3


    A meatrider is somebody who actively goes around telling people about how amazing some other player is. =P

    There is one guy I've mentioned a few times I play regularly at Surrey. He mains Diddy, and he's pretty good, but he hasn't been able to come to tourneys yet for various reasons. >.<

    Sounds good! Which campus do you go to? Because if it's Surrey, it's be a lot easier to get things going, but there will be a bunch of randoms as well. =3 If it's at Burnaby, it'll be more difficult to find a good place to play, but we'll be free of interference from people wanting free for alls with items. =P

    And yes, I think I could learn a TON about playing more safely from playing you. I still have a really reckless style, and you shut that down pretty effectively. =3


    Again, I'll be on Appear Offline. =P

    When are you gonna be at SFU, anyway? I don't have access to Brawl at Burnaby though, so it might be tricky. D=

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