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  • Hitlag changes when a move is staled. Shieldstun does not change based on stale; it uses the hitbox's damage and not the staled damage.
    I'm not 100% sure on the second one (pretty sure) but I can check later on today.
    yezziir i had tons of fun at OC2 and SCC back in 2006 and 07. :) Cant wait to be back in the west.
    hey manz. it suck *** that i didn make pound. :( too much stuff going on i didn get to plan. genesis i do consider going. :D
    oh for sure dawg. dont plan on sleepin much so if we don't play during the toruny, we got all night haha. holy crap at 24 hour venue im hyyypppeeed.
    lol reggie is the homie. I saw he's in your pool. you guys will have fun, dude is maad chill haha
    I say lets do Mewtwo+Zelda man. I'll kill them, you combo them. and hell we both survive like little *******s with our pretty decent recoveries. If we get like 6stocked or something crazy. Then we can try high tier lol. But if it's a close loss we should stick to our guns.

    The worst team scenario we could be up against for mewtwo and Zelda is double falcon. Cuz Falcons eat zelda and Mewtwo alive lol.

    EDIT: we should share a hotel room or something so we can discuss strategy.
    Sure thing man :) we can high tier it up or low tier it up. Or low tier and if we get wrecked high tier it up
    haha, hey man what's up. lol thanks. I've finally added "parrying" to my game and I must say it surely does help :)

    How you been man? :) reppin M2 still?
    no prob man. after the new year ill totally hook it up with my organizational skills!!!!!

    i will DEFINITELY use ur help as a pool captain, and i think we still need some security too :)

    it will be good to see you there
    damn dawg you got over 6k posts... wtf you be doin on here just postin??? lol and when you get high enough to make your own title? that sh*t's legit haha
    ahahah, Jerk! The only high tiers we handle REALLY well is falco and Peach. and Marth and jiggs aren't impossible.

    I think I myself inspired him a little bit. Considering how well I learned the falco match up because of my friend. If you sit there and think about why you're losing and try to develop a counter. you'll find it. Zelda made me good at powershield falco lasers, because I didn't know any other answer to their spam as Zelda lol.
    Literally M2's biggest strenght is that most people forget his tail is an active hurtbox. Like, he actually has NO range despite what it seems because at any given time he can be hit out of what he's attempting to hit you with lol. But people dont know that so its not info i like sharing lol
    Well, Captain Falcon CAN combo your **** from 0 to death out of pretty much any move lmao, dont get TOO excited about m2 XD

    ^^^^^^^^ Thats actually pretty true btw, I got that info from vectorman and Taj lol.
    To quote myself

    "I cant understand why Rhan is still arguing. If he really wants to do a ton of work just to lose anyways he might as well just go and actually PLAY Y.Link"
    Lol, all I meant is that 100-0 should be absolutely impossible.

    the >>> was just as pointless, because that's as high as it goes. While all Fox, Falcon and Luigi might have been >>>, The difficulty difference is huge. To have proper scaling, you'd need about 40 >'s. And that just doesn't work lmao. Similarly numbers are always going to be arbitrary. The original was supposed to be a percentage, but somehow throughout the years that's been lost.

    But meh, it doesn't matter at all. Numbers are numbers, and really don't affect play at anything other than the superficial level.
    Scaling is an interesting thing.

    If Fox is >>>
    Then all other characters might as well be =
    Because Fox is that ridiculous.
    well i'd like to know the basic mix-ups and mindgames and movemnt how free do you feel with movement? If a game lacks movemnt options unlike melee it's a major turn off to me SSB isn't played as much for a reason. also would you say you do mindgame people like oh yeah they'll 2nd jump dair I just need to SH up and 2nd jump into a bair them off when they 2nd jump.(case in melee where I predicted my brother's sheik couldn't think of a better case off the top of my head)
    Hey man, I'm repping some Falco a lil bit more... I jus released a few vids.. let me know what you think.. I may be returning to Falco based off of if I can make him good again.
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