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  • Yo, yeah I live in henderson. we have a forum for vegas at www.vegasmelee.zzl.org

    we actually have a monthly this sunday, 20th if you wanna go to that, go to 'when we play' on the site for the details on the venue.
    yea touk showed up haha. he's an older player actually. I sent him a PM about it

    but uhh, I get back to the USA for genesis 2 (mid July). you should DEFINITELY go to that. then imma be in hawaii all summer... and i'll be back to WA in the fall (september) this year

    XD @ being PR'd in a country... hahah. its really hard to gauge the top 10 or 20 in japan though cuz hella people are super close to each other

    but, just so you know (if you're curious)

    in the beginning, Captain Jack was the best. til about 2006
    then CJ went to france for 1 year to study abroad, and Mikael (the Peach player from Tokyo) was the best
    or MAYBE Aniki/Masashi... close call
    then in 2007 until maybe half a year ago, Tani was the best
    now, the best player is Mach Dash
    watch his combo video. basically its like a yoshi powershield. u just throw up the shield within 3 frames of getting hit and then you can attack out of it immediately.

    thats when vman did the jump nairs, they were parrys so thats why he put em in his video. they are hard to do from what I hear.
    na man but i'm in Wheaton and Silver Springs area every now and then (mostly summers tho) if you know where that's at we should smash sometime

    lol my b on the response time haha
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