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  • You'd be suprized, it's just as good as the console games. I also got it to hack and whatnot.
    Birth by Sleep. Bought a PSP just for that game. Going through the optional stuff now/Starting a save on the final mix version.
    I'm not actually sure right now. I'll def be down for teams MMs though, whoever I end up with.
    It's a pretty hard one. I like honchkrow a lot but it's not easy to set up and isn't as good against Machamp as you'd think. Machamp will just Warp Point around it and if Pokemon Catcher is released, use that as well. Also, your best bet against Vilegar is to just belt Dialga G X and use Skuntank to Poison the Gengar so that you can avoid Fainting Spell. Instead of Honchkrow, I'd consider a 1-1 Drifblim UD line instead. Overall, it has a lot more versatility in loads of matchups (OHKO Machamp, Takes down hard to knock out walls like steelix and other dialgas etc.) and you're probably already running psychic energy in the deck already.
    I've always got time to answer questions man, it's awesome to see other smashers take an interest in it :)
    Yeah just hit me up with a pm or something and I'll help you out
    Melee tourney at PowerPlay this weekend. I know its a bit late of notice, but I just found out yesterday. So tell people and lets do this. Its Saturday at 6pm. Same rules apply as last time. Will BunBun take the tourney with Kirby? Find out next time
    The layout of tournament listings changed so we got rid of it. The point of the usergroup was so that people could post on the calendar, now every tournament is on the calendar.
    I am probably going (the huntsville people wont answer whether or not there is room), but I may not have enough money for dubs. This will be the third consecutive tournament I've gone to.
    you would know wouldn't you. <.< I betcha your favorite character is that little I-use-my sister's-body-as-a-weapon puppet boy <.>
    lol. u know m2 marth use to be 10-0. but that could just mean hardest MU. the numbers are arbitrary so what they mean in words lol idk.
    no it would mean >>> would be 70-30 minimum.

    the scales are messed up if no MUs are listed closer to 100-0. we are left with a scale that guys from 70-30 to 65-35. when I post the mewtwo MUs you will see I tried to use the entire scale.

    not saying im right, ur wrong. just my opinion. everyone wants to say...its not that bad vs fox so it must be 70-30. idk I just hate how the numbers don't mean anything because they are from different sources. arbitrary is fine...but they aren't consistent within themselves.
    Are you serious? I'm done. I don't think Durand's eager for another one either.
    Well, the thing is that I haven't gotten my check in the mail yet, so I have no money...
    I'd love to tag along for the conversation, though.
    I need to ask Warpd to finalize everything, though.
    I take it you have a Wii?
    Warpd says he gets off work at 5:00.
    Need us to bring anything along?
    Also, will anyone else be going?
    Hey bun what's your phone number.

    Also when / where are we leaving for FAP?
    Nah, I'm good. The only thing it has on it is the stuff we recorded on Saturday, and I got the good stuff out of that before the battery died. I'll just get it the next time I see you.
    What I do need is that harddrive cables that Ian hopefully has.
    Whenever. I just found it yesterday (it aired last season), and it's ****win.

    Also I didn't really see a need to respond just to say "oh yeah I acknowledge that fact, not that me doing so helps you in any way".
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