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  • Lol...would go...but I'm spontaneously on the Michigan trip :'D

    I've been playing Melee a bit in my spare time...but I'm pretty meh at it haha
    So... How long will you be dealing Blackjack before you move back down here? Anyways, I bet dealing blackjack pays pretty well.
    yeah, it's amazing how much sleep affects this game. Glad you could go though man. I'd be proud to have played against those guys. :)
    thanks man, I'll definitely do that.
    and I met I Have Spaceballs about four years ago at a tournament in Memphis... he was a cool guy, first time I ever saw the SWD. Blew my mind.
    well if you're ever attending a tournament in this area, message me, I could use some practice vs peach hahah
    don't know anyone else in TN who I can practice Melee with. we should smash sometime dude
    Hey Ambix, there's a Melee tourney this Saturday at 7pm this weekend. I just found out about it, so I'm telling you now. Think you can make it?
    Nah, you definitely did apologize and that's what prompted me to actually stop and think about it
    Well it was going to be on thursday but we are just going to wait for Bun's event on Friday/Saturday.

    You can reach me at (901)-218-2024. Do you have a team mate for FAP?
    That's so far away that I honestly have no idea who's going from here. But yeah, consider your spot in the Memphis car confirmed. I'd imagine it will be something like you/me/bunbun/???? because that's generally how things have been going lately.
    Ok well I'll give you a call/text (if you have them) some time this week. I understand the gas issue man. Maybe I can get the guys in my crew to work something out so that there will be hang outs in midtown and gtown and just alternate or something. By the way, my real name is Ben.
    Ok I'll definitely try to get the guys to hang out down their more often but most of the time we are in germantown or east memphis
    Ambex! Finally found you. Now if I could only find Iori on here. I got a new phone, and need to get you and Iori's number. Also, were you thinking about going to FAP in Huntsville? I know Nite, and a few people from Runway are and hopefully myself. I also need to get more info about Florida's tourny coming up.
    hey ambix, I heard you play peach from some friends that played you recently at a tournament. I recently picked up peach and if you got some time we normally have friendlies at peoples houses. Where do you live?
    This is me Responding to your PM:

    I can't help you with that sorry :/

    I don't live on my own and I'm really busy so helping you out with that probably will not happen. sorry
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