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  • I train almost like shadowboxing. Imagine countering approaches, and just flow out of moves as quickly as possible. I practice things like platform trap scenarios. I will fastfall an autocancel fair, then dash and do a rising bair, or waveland utilt onto the platform. Try and be creative and create new scenarios and responses. Recently I've just been perfecting dash cancel ftilts and utilts and doing them smoothly out of dash dances turned dash. There is tons of stuff to practice really, just work on fluidity with all of it.
    1. Probably not till its all done, which is as early as late october and no later than early december, if you want something specific now I may just let you have it (x1-12 has some of them and I have some others so they're not organized yet)
    2. At this point about 20 people have said they want to go, and with 2 months left (and it was first planned 2 weeks ago) I expect 30+ people to show, especially cause Iori and Ihavespaceballs are supposed to come and I think more people from memphis and birmingham are interested, if it gets really hyped though people from NC and GA may be interested and it could reach over 50, its not my tounament though btw, its Jeike's. I just made the sig :) You should come, and post in the thread that you're coming
    I want to go, but I'm not totally sure if I am gonna make it yet. I'll let you know bro.
    Alright man, I'm very sorry to say this, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to have you over today. =(
    I have a fair amount of stuff goin on, and this would be the only day I'd have a shot at having you over.

    I wish I could have helped, my bad.
    I might be able to have you over tomorrow for a few hours/the day. I'll talk to my parents when I wake up tomorrow and let you know asap.

    My scheduling is pretty hectic this week, but I'll try to get back to you on this tomorrow when I can think a little better haha.
    I looked it up, and you're over an hour away. =(

    I'll see what I can do man, but it doesn't look good atm.
    i am idk who else wants to go.

    but think i'm going to either ride or fly this time driving that far blows
    Yeah, definitely man. I don't have my license yet, but I'd be more than willing to help you, Ian and whoever else learn some Melee. I don't know if you have AIM, but all the cool kids are doing it.
    Hey man I seem to have left my blue john lennon glasses at shaka's house....could you drop him a line and see if he still has them?
    Yeah I wasp lanning on teaming with KO at FAP.

    Not sure if I'll be able to go to bun's smash fest though.

    I need to see if I can scrape the gas money together.
    Is this going to be in memphis?

    Also what's your number again?

    I'm not sure if I told you or not but my number is a home phone number so you'll need to put a 1 before the area code or ditch the area code altogether.
    Cool beans.

    Lookin' forward to it ben.

    I'll probably be going to FAP as well.
    anywhere in the memphis area is fine.

    It's just that it's like half a tank of gas to get out to germantown and back.
    If you guys are still hanging out in midtown weekly, hit me up when these shindigs go down and i'll drop by.

    Number is 662-393-8690.

    Real name is patrick.
    Mostly it's just been me heading to Southaven to smash with Myztek/Hyperdragon, or Raleigh to smash with Kyo/Brad, or Bunbun driving to my apartment in midtown to smash/hang out. Some gamestore in Germantown/Cordova has been doing tournaments lately, but they've been on weekends of other tournaments so far so I'm not sure how good they are (supposedly they force you to play on laggy TVs ugh).

    If you guys have a smashfest or anything out where you are and want me or whoever to show, though, send me a PM or call me, I'd be more than happy to come.
    Ok, I'll be heading over after work, so I should be there around 5. Chad gets off work at 6:30ish, and then he'll head over too. I'll probably only be able to stay until 10:30 at the latest, no idea how late Chad will stay.
    Yeah, just PM me the address. I'll talk to Chad and other people to see about them coming as well, then let you know how many will show up.
    Yeah, I'd be up for it on Thursday (we're leaving for Oklahoma on Friday), but I'm living with my parents for the time being, so you'd have to supply the place.
    Sorry dood our lease ended on our apartment and we've all gone separate ways. I'm not sure where Jack is moving to but maybe we could play there. I'll try to get in touch with him
    Oh wow, Falcon's nair... If it's spaced right, I've never been sure wtf to do about that move. You can cc it to dtilt/dsmash, but if he shields after the nair then that becomes a free knee. If you predict the shield, you can cc -> grab, but that's pretty risky. You're best of shielding the nair, then trying to figure out when this particular falcon likes to do after nairing (run away, nair again, run towards you, go for the grab) and then trying to counter that option. Learn to wd out of shield ASAP after the nair hits your shield so you can cover as many options as possible. Also, if he spaces it too close, upB out of shield works, but make sure to mix up whether you land on platforms or not.
    I think the most fun part about playing her is the platform related shiz, so maybe work on that? Like, on Pokemon Stadium and Yoshi's Story, short hop missile on one of the platforms -> fall through missile -> short hop missile -> wd off missile -> etc. Also smoothing out stuff like wavelanding around on Battlefield/Yoshi's/Fountain is always fun. Past that it's all about spacing, experience, and guessing right imo.
    You mean for the triweekly or which tournament? I would be glad to help your friend or just play him for a while. Whatever works.
    This weekend is the nashville thing again, and tri-weeklies are pretty much discontinued it seems, but any weekday I'd be fine having people over at the apartment, or give me a time and place and I'll drive somewhere in Memphis to hang out and play.
    We (me/Chad/Nes Noob/???) are heading to Nashville for a small tournament that KO is running. Iori might be here, but his schedule is weird and so is he >_>
    I do know a Skip, but I don't remember his last name... I used to be in a GSL youth group with him though. And yeah, I think we'll all just be hanging around the apartment this weekend, feel free to call and come over.
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