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  • nice, dude :D if you know anyone looking for a teammate hit me up. austinrc says he's "retired" and kos-mos might not come :( We must play many friendlies!
    Oh oh well. Maybe they'll pick back up on it one day and if not, I'm sure they'll find something else that makes them happy. Hope to see you tomorrow though n.n
    I see. Well I'm happy you'll be seeing your brother again, but if he isn't there on Saturday, it would be great to see you there. Runaway7 should start playing again. Melees finally getting popular in Memphis again.
    Melee tourney at PowerPlay this Saturday at 6pm. I know its short of notice, but I just found out yesterday. Think you can attend? It would be great to see the almighty Nite there and hopefully other members of Runway7
    All right awesome, that's an easy drive for me then. Its probably 20 min then. When I get back in town either I can bring some of Memphis' new blood players over or you could come to one of our places.
    I'm going to be gone for a week but we can definitely work something out. Where do you live in generalities?
    Yo Nite, I'm Ben the peach player at powerplay. I was wondering if you could help me with some matchups and improving as a player in general. Let me know if you have some time.
    I still play Melee haven't you seen La's recent results. Plus i won the last 2 hobos i was at with melee. :) I'm entering melee at apex too! :D
    Dude I got out of the military finally haha.. I actually can come see u whenever.. I get a job that let's me fly where I want so i plan on being at a lot of tourneys this year.. Dude I was so nervous playing arc and iori.. I hate watching these vids cuz Im not wreckin.. Lemme know when and where u want and we will hang sometime bro
    Yeah, man. I'm ALWAYS up for some good ol' Mario dittos. I'll be coming...And yeah. Maple is too good. Haha...Can't wait ta see you guys there.
    If you go to Apex, you got it, sir =D

    I was sad when I went to Pound 4 and didn't see you there...

    I'd hate to be sad at Apex ;__;
    yeah dude, NO MONEY JOHNS ON THIS ONE! It's almost 8 months away! for real...you know those commercials with some white ***** holding a little brown kid and she's like "for just $1 a day, you can make this child's dreams come true"...***** I GREW UP! MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!

    [for real...a dollar a day? just try it! get a little box or something and write "APEX" on it just to get your head in it, you know? You'll have way more than enough by the time the tourney approaches]

    spread the wooord homie and start now <3<3<3
    teamzies at Apex? M. Nite Shyamalan???

    It's my birthday! [guillllltttt triippppp]

    but nah for real all I want is for you to hit up Apex...it's gonna be the shiiiiit!!! Fullmetal and I will be helping out on staff ^_^
    Friend me, foo. ;_; Dhalsim's 632369 does work much better btw. Not sure if that was the exact notation you told me or not. If it wasn't for the animation on how he lands, I'd honestly not be able to tell it was an IAT.
    I swear to God, every time Brain hangs out with a bunch of cool motherfvkers, he never invites me. Apparently he hung out with Bob Sapp, Batman, and the Juggernaut Friday night and didn't bother to call me until after the police came to break it up.
    Lol, thanks man. I had wreaked some havoc on the Smash Wiki, but the moderators were on their **** that day.
    Yeah man. I haven't played in a while myself, and I prolly gotta re-install it again. But once I do, I probably will be hooked on it again. I'm playing simple MMO's like Maple Story and all. You should try that one out...But yeah man. I'll keep you posted..
    ****it nite i was gonna trick you into teaming with me at kansas.

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