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  • which one you talking about? i've forgotten about dom but i'd definitely like to check it out.

    i've actually been on a bit of a "music dry spell", main reason being that my main PC hasn't been set up since like mid december. i been listening to the same 7ish albums since then lol.
    hey soap, could you point me in the right direction for things to practice on my own with sheik? To be more clear I'm looking for ways to check and make sure i'm getting all my tech stuff/whatever.
    i think i've heard that guy evan awake's mixes before, but i'm not sure. but yeah that was nice, definitely better than the original. you just gotta find murs' good stuff, cuz he releases so much that a lot of it is in fact garbo.
    loool. at first it was kinda scaring me, then it got all middle eastern for a bit, then i started looking at their as.ses and thinking about how beautiful beyonce is, and THEN i finished off the video by thinking about how no one would ever think to arrange music like that ever. it tripped me out for a bit. i am slightly high.
    n.ig you were one of the few people that saw my "bye bye facebook" post xD you forget already? but yeah, share stuff through here
    A snail in salt doesn't fall asleep with a half smile like grandma from an after school special. It twists it contorts it jerks it thrives for some time like a living severed limb on fire. All the people who taught me card tricks are dying, i've been trying to steal my papop's good looks from old snapshots, and all the people who taught me card tricks are dying, i've been trying to get my grandfathers handsome from old photographs.
    When did she like zuko? That doesn't even make sense.

    Then again, shipping as a whole doesn't XD
    But toph is clearly a lesbian anyways, so she can join in on the party with katara
    When we first met his French friends were like 'That's Nihonjin', so he walked up to me and asked what my real name was, I said it was Amsah, and he called me that ever since..:p

    We're really good friends though, he thinks my nickname is funny and occasionally jokes about it.. :laugh:
    ok man. I will see you on the 28th then. And i need some help whats the best way to get past Falco's lasers i was playing with anther and sliqs falco last weekend my sheik typically won but they could just laser **** me
    im back...

    the shiek is coming along nicely...i hope to be top 10 in nc when the pr's are next updated...not bad for only 4 months of play...we will see...

    the question...

    there is a pretty big tournament coming up and im teaming with this guy who loves the stage green greens...he is the better player of the team, so i feel like if he wants to counter pick there, i should at least be familiar with the stage...

    got any advice for shiek on that level?

    any advice for teaming with fox in general?

    thanks in advance, and wish me luck...
    SOAPY your my last Hope lol. WHat are you doing friday? Do you and dobs wanna drive up here then we all go to Vudujins Friday night and he will drive us to SPOC Saturday morning?
    For Steve's apartment tournament, do you mind if we stop at my house to get a tv? It's 10-15 minutes from his place.
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