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NES n00b
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  • NES n00b, I never knew you, never met you. and didn't play smash competitively until after your departure from this world. I can tell that you help make this community in Memphis better as a whole and I wish that we could have met so we could have had some great sets. Your friends talk of you often and wish you were still here. Through their play styles, I can tell you made an impact on all of their lives. RIP man.
    You were always so awesome, and we had some pretty funny convos that I will value. I was gonna tell you I started using Falcon a lot, but man that news just makes me sad.

    RIP man.

    I'll Melee Falcon ditto you in heaven when I get there.You always loved your Melee Falcon dittos.

    your friend and fellow Captain Falcon user always,
    ~His Knightlyness Himself~
    John"knight1" Curtis Watson
    So I was going through the YLYL thread and saw some of your posts. It made me sad that I never got to meet you and that you were taken away at such a young age. I'm normally not one to do something like this, but just hearing your story impacted me so much. Hopefully your soul is at peace and you are smiling in Heaven watching over your loved ones. Once again, RIP Nes Noob. I hope we meet one day and share a laugh together. Take care of yourself friend, and I will see you later.
    yo ryan i been getting better man. I gotta work on match ups im not so experianced in but i feel im getting so good. at to6 imma get top 10 hopefuly. and im probably gonna do bad in the falcon tourney xD

    Rip man see you later :)
    Darkrain won the Ryan Roberts Memorial Falcon ditto tourney at pound. And he and SS got second in doubles, complete with a Tapion Punch on Dr. Peepee. If you had been there, one member of our crew would have made brackets. Still miss you.
    May God bless your soul. I'll pray for your family along with the peeps in Haiti. I'm real sorry man that I never got to MM you @ Herb or any national tourney like that. I'll make it up to you in heaven though.
    Lol I was just going through my computer and I saw the Mad Cow thing xD

    Mad fun times man.
    God ****it. I keep on watching your tribute video and it pains me to see that last statement... "R.I.P Ryan Roberts"...

    Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and praying for you. Hopefully I can see you again one day...
    Rest in peace. You'll be loved and remembered as an amazing smasher and a great person.
    Reading all these comments makes me feels so incredibly sad and regretting never meeting you.

    Rest in peace.
    You weren't there with us to win Intimikill yesterday, and I had trouble thinking about anything else the whole drive back. No tournament will ever be the same again without you.
    I never knew you until now.. but i do pray for your soul and hope you may smash in peace up there......

    you will be missed.
    I'm sorry we never met, but I hope you can rest easily in heaven. All my best wishes to those you had to leave behind, and hope to meet you someday. Rest in eternal peace.
    Wow. Only thing I knew about you was from your posts, and this still hurts. That report didn't do you justice. Best wishes to your family. The world didn't deserve to lose you so early.
    Hey Friend. You were amazing, and you always will be amazing in everyone's heart.

    Its not fair ryan you know you were one of the smashers i wanted to prove myself against. I i cant believe it man but i understand we all have to go at one point. I never got to say good bye. Its because of you i main sheik but i remember how you hunted me down to play me and dp for the first time in ga. And when you fell asleep on my shoulder at impact clash 2. Im getting a little emotional writing this because smash aside you were humble. Very nice and rather funny. I i miss you bro never wanted to see you guy out like this. But we all know your great i promise we will met again when my time comes. I think the first thing imma do is huh bro but god allowing thats not gonna be for awhile. Be easy and im gonna do really well in life and in smash. Rip peace til we meet again.
    I never knew you... but I will never forget the effect you had on SWF. I just discovered your name tonight, and I already miss you.

    May the road rise up to meet you, and the winds be always at your back. May the Sun shine warm upon your face, and the rains fall soft upon you your fields. Until we meet (again), may the God who loves us all hold you in the palm of his hand.
    - The Irish Blessing.

    Until we meet by the pearly gates, may you smash forever in peace.

    ~R.I.P. NES n00b~
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