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Mikey Lenetia
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  • Want to exchange skypes, maybe NNIDs, and talk/play sometime? vwv
    Mikey Lenetia
    Mikey Lenetia
    Oh, sure! I don't get a chance to play a lot online, but I would love to play some sometime, or even just chat on Skype. MikeyLenetia is my SSN on Skype, as it is the same for the NNID.
    Finally got caught up on reading all the other panels.

    Marth panel is partial to keeping Peach as is since you mentioned it.
    Thanks boo!! I'll message you soon after I message him cuz I don't even know what his name on here is either lol
    Hey, so if you're up for helping me with my sona, I'm Adumbro Deus on LoL as well, add me please.
    My Internet got cut, so I'm sticking to smash mobile for a while. You can decide the ratio if you want, I'm gonna be out for like a week or two. I'm indifferent as to what you pick.

    I play on the WEuro server, though. :< I do have an account on NA and even Soraka unlocked there, but eh... XD

    I'm still very inexperienced, so I rather learn the game's basics at first, though there are a few champions (aside from Morgana, Kog'Maw and Sona) that interest me, Anivia one of them. I actually unlocked Tristana with the Facebook thingie, she seems really fun, and I also am interested in... Malzahar or what's his face. That void mage with his own little bug minion. That one sounds awesome too, lol.

    I'm playing with the thought of getting the 2 champion packs, just to spare me all the unlocking work, hah.
    I'm completely new to the game, but so far, characters that tend to hang back and support or deal AoE are my favorites - I enjoyed Morgana and Kog'Maw, and currently I'm really happy with Sona. Soraka I'm solid with too.
    I'm most likely going to save up to get Sona as my next champion. A very good player even told me that I'm really solid with her lol.
    If you can/want, please post your thoughts in the Peach Back Room's active topic. I'd like to see what you have to say.

    hey, can you tell me what options olimar has against peach's float game and how/ if olimar can counter it? im really struggling in the MU lately >_<
    I wish I could change my color, it would match my avatars much more than red does... But oh well, it's part of my job as a mod to sacrifice my color happiness. :(
    Oh, check it out, I didn't know you were in the back room as well!

    You, mindgaming other members with your lack of color... :mad:

    Speaking of which, I wanted to color in the word "color" with the BBR's purple... But I can't find it in the palette. :(
    I'm sorry :(
    I couldn't go to a tournament today either, but Kyon went and got 7th! :D
    Mikey~ I rly rly rly rly just wanna drain your brain and know what you know about fighting Falco. XD

    While you were nearly beating Larry I was losing to his friend's Falco in tournament hahaha. Assistance? Idk the matchup or I at least dunno how to keep falco close or how to use turnips or w/e.
    yeah im looking for housing :/ idk what the local melee peoples plans are, i may or may not stay with them
    Dragonball Z, good choice. I can also try to convince the person who draws my stuff to draw you stuff as well. You'll probably have to wifi him or something for it but itd be custom. Anyways I gots to go so I'll get details tomorrow :)
    I'm actually having the person who drew this avi draw a sig where the pikachu in my avi is snuggling a stitchface xD

    Oh the juxtaposition ^^
    I was wondering how you could get so many blue peach pictures xD
    Well that explains it at least ;x
    If I can make it to pound 4 wanna do team friendlies and see if we could possibly make a good team? Not double peach though but pika+peach. I'm no anther but then again no1 but anther is xD
    Dude, do you have a teammate for the tourny, and if you don't wanna team. My partner could not make it.
    Thanks! I said that whole ****ting turnips then because of that saying, "I'm so fabulous I p1ss glitter."

    Anyways are you going to school or did you graduate already? Insomia sometimes hits me as well. I love being out at night O_O
    Yes I am. I'm currently pursing a degree in Social Work. So yes, that says a lot about me. I like people and am a very compassionate person.

    Lol. All peach mainers are kewl in my book. ^_^ We are so awesome, we **** turnips. lmfao.

    So what do you do in your job?
    I'm doing good. Just waiting for the fall semester to start. heh.

    I know we've never really talked but Peachkid would mention you sometimes so you must be cool then. lol.

    How are you?
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