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  • I miss Colorado. You need to go to EVO 2013 and APEX 2014. :]
    I miss u bb. Hope you've been doing well!
    I was just thinking about you! Did you run away on Facebook? XD

    I'm doing great. Prepping to move to a new house. Just livin' and workin'. I play Smash 4 lots. What're you up to?

    Hey, im sorry about my stupid outburst I had early. You guys are such a knitgroup, and I was going through some emotional stuff at the time, missing arizona and what not. Im sorry, I got my emotions get to me and happened to take it out a bit on you guys.

    Im sorrrrrry~!
    Seriously though, you guys are suuuuch a knit-group. I fear my thread will never be knit into it.

    YEAAAA! I said something poetic and cool their! :D
    Yo Zeal, I kinda closed that thread of yours when you started getting some info. Do you want me to reopen it and try again?

    I officially got hired, drug test and all the paperwork and what not, I start monday
    8.25 an hour full time with benefits
    is my shoutout box not there? i thought i fixed it......anyways your private message thing is full, were talk about teaing later when it gets closer to ranbat 4, and maybe we can smash together at a smashfest before hand
    Oh lol yeah. He doesn't believe me, but MK gimps Snake in teams hard. This thing is, Snake usually plays keep away with MK just perfectly but in teams, it's so much easier for the MK to get to Snake. But yeah, he should stick with you MUCH more.
    awesome, i have the bair platform cancel down.
    Doc definatly, definatly cannot perform this im afraid

    There is a specific method to it, and im pretty sure the same thing can be applied to uair but its alot trickier. But you guys are gonna have to wait for a video to find out how :) , if my parents go out tonight so i can bake up then ill have it up by tonight in all probability.

    oh yeah and after reading air walkers post, its not edge canceled, just like nair - you hit your opponent and get boosted a tiny bit back onto the platform. Leads into grabs really well, Marth low %'s and FF'ers mediums low %'s. Shame that you cant get a weak one, but since marios bair is practically, if not a sex kick theres just no way.

    In other news, use reverse bair (so running towards them and backwards bair) at really high percents for good setups.
    If you do it backwards almost always the weak hit, which is really good for comboing at high %'s. Ive been playing around with weak bair - uair opp onto a platform, punish missed tech with uair double jump and uair them again. Works swell around 60-80% on marth, want to be hitting uair with the very middle top tip so u get strong hits at a good angle to follow up.
    You don't have to get them onto a platform and for them to miss their tech, but to get the right angle, which is directly below them at a certain % your only chance is to combo them until their in that position or uair them onto the platform. Hell, dtilt even works for this because if they miss the tech, your ending lag doesnt matter too much, especially seeing as dtilt hitbox comes out fast at frame 7
    Think falcon double uairing you off a platform on YS to your death, just not as good.
    Yo, I"m going to be on aim for a bit right now and maybe later. My cpu is broke right now, so I'm using random peoples in the meantime.
    Timolee and meno both said to ask you if you could house my state for cutthroat.
    is this possible?
    Is Jeris going? If not we probably don't really have a way to get there.
    i suggested the WFC just so we could play each other and see how good the other is. whenever you want to play then just PM me.
    hey dude. i need a partner for brawl. mine wimpes out on me. im pretty good. my FC is 0345-0453-4700 so we can play. send me a message if you want to team.
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