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  • Hey man, how've you been doing? I'm happy to hear that you and Vincent both got jobs. Did you end up moving yet? Any of the new smashers cool? My address is 4 Holloway Ave #6, San Francisco, CA 94112. Things are going pretty well out here for me. School is going well. I don't work much so I'm kinda strapped for cash, you know how it goes. I haven't played a lot of smash lately, but that is going to change in after this week since midterms will be over. I'm actually gonna start practicing again. There are a lot of decent players out here, and some of them are just too good XD. How are Vincent & Shin doing? Tell them I said hello. -Kenny
    o_O it's going pretty well. Very busy with school + work...I waveshined SilentSpecter from one end of FD to the other and shine spike him in tournament a couple weeks ago lol XD, he still beat me though sadly... how are things going with you? you're probably moving soon aren't you?
    basically it seems Nexon's database has been compromised and hackers have access to peoples account IDs and passwords.The result of this is that hundreds of people are just getting hacked indiscriminately and theres no surefire way of preventing it since it is random. The only thing you can do to 100% be sure u wont get hacked is to stay logged in 24/7 lol...or utilize a glitch in Nexons Password reset system that basically locks your account (not even you can go into it) until you do a password reset, but its still not a 100% guarantee that this method can prevent it, as well as the fact that u cant play ur account if u do this.
    ya i still play when i can. That Crusader you saw in the pic is now a 16x Hero but i haven't played that char in almost a year. I'm mostly playing my Corsair now who is at lvl 12x but because of school as well as the battleship cannon glitch and the recent hacking epidemic, I rarely can make time to play as much as i want to atm.
    lol thats a pretty weird coincidence then. That pic was from around 3 or so years ago in GMS Mardia.
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