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  • Blazblue is MORE than acceptable as well. There's a grand total of about four people that play in the entire state and only one of them is any good and he's moving OoS next week while I'm gone.

    As for smash, I'm passable at melee, but I can actually win at Brawl.
    The tourney on may 22nd is a grass roots tourney. The entry is like 2$. I won't be there either ):

    So remember how your sig has some random pixels in it? Turns out it wasn't your fault. :p

    Photobucket just does random compression sometimes, making the image look weird, so here, use THIS image (which is hosted on Imageshack). It should be perfect now.

    Just wanna say, I have the money for No Koast. I'm still trying to work out the dates and stuff, but things are kinda looking goodish :)
    Yaaay, awesome! Just waiting on Jo's confirmation (his parents are still deciding if it's cool).

    I finish my day at 5, not including dinner. :o
    Yes... I've explained this before. Stoopid Dekar doesn't believe Peach is a stock tank though! The fool!

    Anyways, were you serious about going to the Springs this Friday with me? Josiah said he might be able to let us both sleep over. You know what that means!

    I heard something about DTL as well.... or is it just going to be you two? lol, the drive is a blast ;o
    its a really long ways out of the way, but if you are willing to go, ill see what i can get for housing. tonight ill try to get some sense of housing figured out for our area, and who can house. we want to distribute this as best we can
    I might be able to, ummm... just so you know, my house is out of the way for you guys.

    Here's a map... I've highlighted the road you're taking, where my house is, and where nkv3 is... lol. It's your choice, just lettin you know ^^;


    to be honest, your best option is to talk to "The Real Inferno" about housing (he lives in wichita where nkv3 will be). I'm not sure if he got people yet, but he said he could house around the same number of people as you got.

    I tried calling him, but he didn't pick-up. If you want I can handle it for you and get back, this might be a good idea tbh.

    Just get back to me on whatever you guys decide. I'll keep trying to contact him.

    Good to see colorado is coming =D I expect to play some friendlies with you guys while you're here. I'm somewhat excited to see how you guys fair.

    <3 co
    its possible. i though fino was housing you guys? and are you driving or flying? cause if you are driving you are going waaaaaaay out of the way to come to kansas city
    Prolly not Wasabi, but I might go to Splat.

    I might go Friday for the McFest, then sleep over at Bees's and attend Splat the next day.
    Hmm, my car seats five people - and you, me, Dylan, TC, and DOP are five.

    Next tournament, I'll carpool all of you, and we'll see how much my car eats.
    Awesome, thanks for the heads up. About how much will it cost for the tourney?
    Yeah, but FF had hype from the OoSers at least.

    And we could pull more than 15. You, Tim, DTL, Meno, me if I decide to enter, Josiah, Ryan, CT, Yang, Chunky, Level Zero, Zaj, and Moblin are all but confirmed (the only ifs are L0 and Chunky), so there's 13 already.
    Not really. Tiny local = not really worth watching, if I were a prospective viewer. :/

    I can and will record finals, though.
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