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  • **** yea! :D Your in the springs?
    Awesome! I thought there was no one left sense steam left. :< Whens your thing Dan the man?
    Wow, you'd do that for me?! You'd be my night in shining armor if ya got me a ride. <3
    I live out in no-wheres-vill peyton. I hardly think people are aware of its existence. xD
    Its pretty damn close to the springs though. Wheres this Fight night thingy being held? My friends bunking at our house so I have a ride to places if there not like, waaay out in denvor.

    I'm pretty cool with big crowds now. I'd say i'm not even a hermit anymore. :D
    You have been bitten by the MetaVamp!

    You have now been infected and are encouraged to bite another to help show that I can never be stopped on Ole Hallows Eve~! Report your victims back to me, I like to keep a careful count of my minions!

    Spreading the terror, hi~
    lol I wouldn't say I'm a programmer in training; I'm a straight up coder. Or more specifically, a developer. I got interested in it because I love computers, and I wanted to do it since I was a kid. Unfortunately I had no experience with coding prior to actually taking the class, whereas many others did.

    And yes, sadly there is a misconception that making a game is as easy as playing one. When I was in my first year's coding class, we must have had about 40+ kids inside the class. After the first assignment (our professor makes it do we spend at least 10h on it), over half of them never showed up again.

    That's fine. If I wasn't in classes and such, I'd be up for it since I'm usually up, browsing the internet or something.

    Feel free to add me on any IM clients, by the way. The only times I'm not free to talk is when I'm in class or if I'm driving. Otherwise, I chat while I'm at work/home.
    Oh, and before I forget, sorry I didn't respond to the hikikomori thing. It was sweet of ya to show interest. :>

    I can't expect people to give a **** about me if I don't show that I give a **** back.

    pffft, sorry man. Its like 4 am right now so i'm kinda,,, weird. Haha! Its only at night when I start to think. Kinda sucks actually...because no ones up to think with me. =3=
    Hey dan~!
    You're a programmer right? Or liiike a programmer in training?

    How long have ya been practicing and what not? Why did ya want to become a programmer? Heheh. Just curious. I mean, the idea of programming and making games is cool as a kid, but i'm starting to realize how nitty gritty it can be. I'm sticking to it still. The end result is well worth the effort.
    For real? hmm I really hope it doesn't. I mean nothings wrong with it, but I don't think my parents would be too cool with my coming home with red eyes, and the munchies from second handing that stuff. Hur. Actually my sis tried that stuff early today. Medical of course! It was fun thought to make stoned jokes about her. :D

    ...derp sorry I get off topic!

    I'm cool with your icon though man. SMRPG is like my most played game of all time! :D Heavy koopa's never got a chance to launch though. :< They really screwed em over by making them wait a turn before attacking. Dodo and the pink haired chick were a pain in the arse though when I was little. :I
    Turtle man! :D
    So dylans smashfest thingy is coming up!
    Um does he um....due alot of pot at these things?

    Bahaha. Probably a rhetorical question! I know little about Dylan, but I know he likes the stuff. =p

    Oh and second thingy! Why is you're icon a heavy koopa? That seems so random! '3'
    Ha its all good man~! We'll make the hype was we go. =w=
    Get hyped for level 3-x factor sentinel. C:

    To be honest I don't even care about the tourney that much anymore. I just wanna play some Marvel with ya. :D Anyone else coming to? I know tranz and Jorg are coming but thats it. o3o
    Oh man. Just checked how many tourney people signed up for MvC3. Only 5.
    watched the prize for it get lowered to like a wrist band and some gum. >w>
    Get hyped for Dan not being super hyped!

    Lol seriously didn't expect that though. Alright. Your the dood in your profile pic right? =w=
    I need more hype man~! o3o
    Hype me for this tourney daaaaan~!
    can you please message me what character each person used in tournament in your most recent Zournament thread please
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