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  • i just want to say I love you right now for everything you said in the troy tournament thread.

    Ive never seen such accurate pre tourney shout outs in my life. also, everyone aside from jesse is bad, and hes not super great either.
    and otg, what's your #? i know you guys rarely play at wes' but when it goes down i def. want to be able to play with you guys. ****s like 30m away and it's a large skill gap from what im used to here in ct.

    [was gonna post this in the no johns thread so just copy pasta'd]
    Suppppp *****hhhhhh. So I guess you started ****** a bit with Doc again. I need to improooove more. lol
    I might have a tourny date for philly on the 13th of November. : D

    Just letting you know. I know you'd rather just go to a no johns tho cuz of closeness but meh, you never know.
    Ah I see. Well I hope to see you some other time then dude.

    What interests you into going to tournies anyways? :p
    No johns, the PREQ best show up, otg if you don't get him to come you best quit life.
    just let me know the date, i'm about three hours away from there these days (school) but still have plans to go home at some point. there's another smasher close to there and banks and thorn also vacation in there in july. it's kind of a cool town if you know what to do i spose. it'll be fun to finally play =)
    wait what... YOU ARE NOW ON MY FRIENDS LIST. : D
    >meaning I added you hahaha
    Sup fellow doc. : D
    he sorta stopped playing for a long time, altho he came to mass madness but was using all peach
    yea definitely, i need that doc practice just in case i run into one when traveling. there are zero of them up here (not counting yedi's secondary lool)
    OK Otg I might be able to go to no johns this week (if the ride can be connected)

    so hopefully I can get some kick *** doc tips
    Well, I'm not amazing either, but I'll definitely help when I'm free, I'm mostly at SBU during schooltime though, we've got a mad strong melee scene there.
    You mentioned a friend who lives in Huntington who plays melee, could you put me in touch with him?
    too lazy to go on AIM but im on kaillera right now on galaxy64 under ShadeMoneh lol. i cant play for long tho. maybe like 2 matches lol
    You hungover *******! Nice job missing the T-webb tourney. I was looking forward to ****** your doctor mario but if you cant handle losing to me and Bailey I understand saving yourself the embarrassment.
    sorry i would've responded earlier but my computer broke and i only just got around to fixing it. I live in Montrose, like five minutes south of Peekskill
    kool kool i will do that indeed after i talk to the store owners 2nite.....i already got like 10ppl who want to come and play....yea your crewmates had to catch some of this web of bribes man...they not ready my pockets r 2 deep to say no 2 lol
    Oh ur good...real good....the counter bribe has been taken....move super effective lol......k well i will keep u informed im tryna get a few big names to show wift says maybe and a few CT players might show...i'll get more info later
    Dragons den again but im offerin rides for ppl who r coming by train.....yo if u come i will buy ur food son FOOD and 10 4 gas :) (bribe)
    OTG if i throw a tourney on the 9th of january in poughkeepsie u think u and a few crewmates can make it
    i might get a ride from my mom to wes' but if not then i guess i'll talk to ritz or figure some **** out some way

    take the bus to yonkers and transfer if anything
    sky rink at chelsea piers

    minimum wage ftw

    it doesnt matter though, all i have to do is skate/rent skates to people/sometimes sharpen skates

    so it's fun. and i get mad hours so i end up making like $1000 dollars a month minus taxes
    yea man here's what i guess i'll do if anything

    i get paid on december 31st so im gonna buy an ounce then. for now i guess i'll cover the charge on a dub and me and you will have a 2 man sife (havent done that in a while) and you can just throw me 10 or w/e
    hmmm i think so... at the very least, i have *****s throughout westchester so i can probably make it work
    I'm sad too.

    I got 13th. I lost to vanz 1st round (mute city). Them I lost to teczero 4th round (SD'd at the end).
    ive been on that plane of brawl to melee it aint easy. Still if they go cold turkey on brawl and straight melee they should be good. R they even on the boards?? Well besides that i want to have a smashfest at my boy's house in mahopac phi**** sol bino and ky when we do u should come man it will be fun
    Good stuff yesterday i need help against fightin falco bad. I feel i improved a lil bit since it wasnt 4 and 3 stock all day lol. The other 2 guys were pretty good to i think if they play more they can really ****
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