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Shy Guy!
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  • me too, im ****ing excited. it's gonna be amazing. you entering anything? me and EnV are entering doubles.
    Lol... so... how close are you to Rom3?

    can I take the train to you?

    (I'm gonna china town bus it, then train)

    should we bring our own food? LOL

    Uhh, are going to rom3? :]

    also, text me mofo
    Lol first you are gonna get ***** in my town... then you are gonna get ***** at your town... But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Practice!

    Also, I posted on my own profile again. >_>
    Duddeee i will <3 if u house me and my gf and my friend for rom3 no homoooo loooool

    Ah ok, got ya. So ultimate rematch. K. HYPE. Maybe $1 mm too. Recorded as well lol.
    Pretty awesome if I say so myself. ;P

    Now, there are new photos of the inside, and the date is confirmed. So get there son.

    It's quite a big room.

    Btw, Wobbling is banned. lol : ]
    My mom might not be cooking stuff. xD If she did it'd be last minute.

    But, check the thread again, I uploaded photos of the Church venue and lot where you can park. :p
    Well I was asked either the 13th or the 20th, so obviously I will pick the 13th.

    Although I won't have the date confirmed till like next week same time lol. But at least you have an idea of when it probably would be.

    And my mom might cook food and sell them along with side snacks for convenience. ;P
    Yeah son. Just check the thread for directions... well, you drive... so I might need to edit that in LOL
    Hey I might have a date on the 13th of November. Would you be able to come that day?
    Pretty good. I think I may be getting a Church venue. :p

    Meaning that i have been working with the pastor on terms for both parties to agree on. : D

    So hype. This should work out.
    Awesome dude. Sad to hear that your trip didn't go as well as planned dude. But do what me and kurt did: We missed Pound 4, so then we were like "Well then to make up for the slack we made, let's prepare for the next big event!" which was Apex. And we went, and we had so much fun.

    So, just prepare a time in the future for a trip. I might even go with ya if I have the money saved up. ;p

    It's just something you'd have to have prepared in advance. (If you did then I dunno what the heck happened haha)

    But yeah. I'm doing fine, just chilling with friends and such, smashing. Still looking for a venue, possible lan center like venue for FREE omg what. lol. But yeah I'll hit u up with confirmation date when I get it. : ]

    Today I'm going to class haha. Also if you want to stay in contact, just call me sometime or text me at 407-301-4542.

    : D You gotta so that we can play smash sometime and hope I don't leave you behind, skill wise! xP
    I need your planned schedule really soon. There are two players from Alabama who are on a Smash trip to Canada (maybe not Apex) and they're going to my Smash tournament as a half way stop. They're going to need housing on Sunday night only. I can house up to two friends (and I really don't think I can host 4 friends even if I'm allowed to) so when do you need housing? Are you bringing No Cash / Lunar to MD/VA to pick me up?
    The tournament date maybe moved to Monday August 2. I'll ask the venue owner if they can allow the date change.
    Can you message me the exact schedule? I really need to be able to go to Apex. I'm kind of an important tournament video recorder for the east coast, or at least MD/VA.
    lies. ive been secretly training with cactuar.

    btw i no longer main marth. i main fox now. lol
    Well, tournies near me? ****... You know I live in philly, right? Well, the nearest to me was Spoc... and other stuff that happens and I go, is prolly out of state/ out of city.

    But we gotta play some time son.
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