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Recent content by Shy Guy!

  1. Shy Guy!

    Vibrant is re-enabled

    Interesting... First post ^_^
  2. Shy Guy!

    Just Dropped By To ask...

    Hhas there been any change is falco's metagame? Havnt been checking in on this website or current matches for over a year and im just a little curious :D
  3. Shy Guy!

    Need serious help

    I dont know if this post belomgs here or not but i just need it answerd. Trying to play install and play brawl plus BUT this websit (www.Brawlplus.net) that everyone and the mother is telling me to go to is not up and running. SO PLEASE help me out, without homebrew would also be nice.
  4. Shy Guy!

    300% Challenge

    I like this idea alot, for newcommers or anyone I like it:awesome:
  5. Shy Guy!

    Event - MLG Anaheim 2014 MLG Interviews Gnes

    Very good read. It's interesting to know how the best player of my main thinks and whatnot
  6. Shy Guy!

    Talwind's Tournament results

    Yeauh after a min of running away! I understand against a falco a doc should play that way but ya know...re read what i typed before :awesome:
  7. Shy Guy!

    A Little About DCAP part 1(of 1)

    I dont know why i read it (proboly bc i was curious about what dcap was) but it was fun to read:awesome:
  8. Shy Guy!

    What Smash character you hate?

    I have i have but no one compares to how annoying Z samus is to me. That stun gun bull**** and whip nonsense makes me heated.....meta knight and falco are another story :awesome: Edit : everyone in brawl is annoying, i play diddy so annoying is in my game lol, some more then others, but...
  9. Shy Guy!

    What Smash character you hate?

    well since its revived.....:awesome: Samus is the most annoying ****** ** ***** *** ****** character ever. More so zero suit samus i cannot stand. In melee i can handle samus but in brawl zero suit and samus are the most annoying characters ive ever played in ANY video game :glare:
  10. Shy Guy!

    Talwind's Tournament results

    Ive played him a couple of times and i do better against him lol I find the more aggresive someone is the better i play, and the more laid back the other player is i lose interest and just walk around lazily lol :awesome:
  11. Shy Guy!

    Talwind's Tournament results

    Its just the lack of doc's i play and failure to learn the matchup, otherwise you would be in the same boat as everyone else :awesome:
  12. Shy Guy!

    Talwind's Tournament results

    In some way it proboly was. Just imagined i showed up and put my name in the 3rd place slot :awesome:
  13. Shy Guy!

    Talwind's Tournament results

    Wish i coulda made it to this.....regardless of poor turnout :awesome:
  14. Shy Guy!

    *POUND* 5 Three's MM me or GTFO thread $700$

    I bet a cigarette against lucky :D
  15. Shy Guy!

    Lol glad I can be another friend count

    Lol glad I can be another friend count
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