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  • i just realized that your avatar is a roll with an... obama print?

    how were they
    Word, is Ritz coming too? That's amazing, this is a TFS reunion of sorts (still missing heads, but we'll def make something happen where everyone is there soon). But yeah, if you guys can get to New Ro in the afternoon I will def drive. I'm not sure if I can have you, ritz and sheldon all crashing thoo... I'll figure it out.
    That is ****ing legit. Aight, so let me know about friday. How are you getting to Wes's? If you can get to New Ro I could just drive there.
    I'll throw what I got, if people can throw me gas $ than maybe I can give you what I get for that, but driving *****s all over the place is expensive. I got a bowl in the car so we can burn in there during/before/after the smashfest.

    Where are you working?
    Aight keep me posted, I might want to buy a dub if I got extra $$, tho right now it's looking like my $$ is going to gas. Maybe I'll just throw down $ than? Let me know.
    Any chance you can find nuggets for Friday? All my connects are gone now cause the semester is over.
    yo man, from harlem and 125th where exactly am taking the train to, and is there any certain time i need to take that train by, because i get to lga at 6 and should be at the station by 7ish
    niggggggggggggaaaaaa go to genesis son i wanna smoke you out too...Got that evil purp dank man killin them eyes turnin them rhasta red ya feel me? xD
    lol my bad, i was just hoping you would show up to the thing in a nice whip so i could take a video of it..

    im starting to get into taking video of cars for some reason... my fault man
    yo milos, i was wondering since one time if i remember you said you had like an OD big house, you live with your parents and they got money i can assume?
    you got a nice whip? or do your parents rather?
    just outta curiosity lol
    Me and a few of the frequent judges wanted to make the WYYP contest a more...special event and wanted to space the contests throughout the year. February 1st will show up quickly enough; don't you worry ;)
    You don't have to choose, you can be a part of both groups if you're chosen for them.
    Neither of those are necessary. If you don't get chosen, you may be left on the list anyway to be added later. Or, if you are taken off the list by the person who handles it (who is not me), you can reapply later.
    I'm well, vacationing in Michigan. As for being a TD, be patient. The leader will get to it.
    I quit lol

    too much of a hassle at times plus the whole getting arrested thing
    Yo how close do you live to TW because I need to play someone good in Melee
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