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  • Haha. Nice! Yeah your girl got you there. Oh and I just remembered I was suppose to sign up for AOL. I'll try and do that tonight. ^^;
    Ah man that is really messed up. I hope you forgive your folks soon. =P ;)
    Hey its ok dude. No worries. ^^;

    Yeah I was watching a good bit of it myself. Hey wasn't you trying to go to that tourney as well?

    Can't wait to see what Genesis will be like. :-)
    Man that tourney was sick!

    How much of it did you watch? Did you see most it before the finals?
    nah we have a big house but **** is ooooold haha it would just make a nice smash venue that's all

    we have an 09 forester, it's aight, we had a piece of crap minivan that just died

    and dude, don't assume please
    LOL! Nice! Yeah don't mind me and my randomness.

    Sounds like you are on your way. I wish you all the best with your goal dude. I'll tell you one thing, you got a lot of guts cause I couldn't do that. I'd probably freeze in multiple scenarios. lol =P

    Haha. Yeah its so much reading/studying. So I can't wait to get past the boring part and into the actual career. I work at the Aquarium on weekends down here, so I suppose I kind of have my foot in the door. Speaking of which, I better get some sleep cause I have to wakeup by 8. Nice talking with you bro, it was fun. I'll catch you on aim and MSN sometime Thanks again. Peace!

    Oh yeah and my real name is Miguel. ^^
    I'm 21, although I look 17-18. I suppose being youthful has its perks. lol You speak Spanish huh? Cool! Looks like I found myself a teacher. =P

    A cop, that's awesome. My friend down here is one too. He told me about his training process. Its brutal, I'd probably die midway. Haha. I'm more of a animal lover, I'm trying to be a Marine Biologist. I think its fitting considering I'm surrounded by water.
    Spanish is spoken in Bermuda, but I'd say there is far more Portuguese spoken. Although I don't know how to speak either very well. To make matters worse, I have a Spanish last name too. Go figure. lol Perhaps I should apply myself like I do in smash. lol =P

    I know this is random but do you know what you want to be when you get older? Any idea? ^^
    Hm interesting. I wish my parents could go on vacation and leave me home instead of dragging me everywhere they go. lol Oh and that's cool how you have a girl who cares for you that much. Very lucky, my friend. ^^
    Thanks dude. Oh and yes, I will look into aim. I've yet to try it, so it should be fun. Oh and yeah, Bermudian I am. lol

    So do you travel often in general? I tend to move about summer time when the semester is finished.
    Hm I see.

    Oh and yeah, I was born here. lol Tiny little place, I know. The only cool thing to do here is water activities like swimming and surfing ect. I have no clue how someone like me found smash, there is only 3 solid players down here. I would love to travel to meet/play other people sometime this summer. I'm sure I'll get my chance. ^^

    Oh by the way, do you have MSN? You think I can add you sometime? I like getting to know smashers all over the world. :-)
    Oh cool, sounds wicked. I just did a little bit of studying for mid terms and then I played some melee for about an hour. Nothing too out of the ordinary. lol Hey out of curiosity, what time is it over there? lol Its 1:30 here...
    Awesome, wish we had Mc Donald's in Bermuda. Ok, cool dude. I'll message ya again sometime soon. Peace! XD
    Nothing much dude. Just chilling...watching late night comedy before I crash. lo How bout you? ^^
    Heck, I'm black and I'm not proud of it at all. Your heritage shouldn't be something that one has to be proud of, you could be happy but not proud. Being proud of your country is nothing, look at the U.S. now!! I'm not proud of anything but being alive and being a child of God.
    Not everyone has pride though, me and a few people I know at least. Pride isn't something that revolves around a race its something gained, therefore puerto ricans don't always have it. Believing that is like believing that everyone is and will stay evil, which isn't true as everyone has a choice to do so. Puerto ricans have a choice to have pride or not, we all have a choice and that effects everything. I know, I just know that there are some who don't and I believe so to the fullest extent of my whole being.
    Hmm, most of that goes to their being raised liked that, I know that a few aren't. In every darkness there is a light that never goes out, a metaphor it may be but its true because not everyone of them is the same. Some of their predecessors may have caused many to think this so thats probably why you say this, what did you mean by "us"?
    Jona, nothing is predetermined but death(not when of course). Assuming that a certain group of individuals are like something or their actions are the same is wrong because that's being judgmental ;) I know that they aren't all like that, so why do you insist that they are?
    Don't say that, there could be some different ones I know it. I don't know much about them but I know that some of them aren't like that, just hope like I do please.
    Cool, you kinda sound like Big Punisher, do you know him? If not, he's a Hispanic puerto rican rapper and my sister loves him a lot O_o
    que la que hay, hablo boriqua pero soy blanco lol

    it says whats up, i speak boriqua(aka puerto rican) but im white lol

    idk lately between my girlfriend and her family and church a nd stuff im getting sucked into the mexican spanish, and food, and everything...
    Hmm, can you type something in it? I'm curious to the degree as I might want to learn it, I know no language whatsoever so I want to see someone type it. For knowledge or some goal like that I guess....
    That'd be great, but wifi is evil sometimes. Hmm , didn't you say that you could speak puerto rican(did I spell that right, I hope so), can you?
    Hmm, top tier characters....that'll be a challenge for me. Snake isn't all that bad nor are the others but when used right they are annoying not deadly, I can kill top tiers rather easy if I do say so myself.
    They use Olimar as well, I just want a rematch. I also want to face another Olimar mainer, I want to become the best Olimar mainer in the world so I want to face and beat the best players.
    Its one of the many Tales games ever created, its really fun as well as funny. Watch it and other tales games on Youtube please.
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