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  • miggz! its meeh trinitywolf! i havent talked to u in forever...i changed my name cuz smash community knows meeh as this IGN now...ill ttyl!
    i'm alright. Yeah January is coming up real fast. I haven't played in a couple of weeks. I wonder how bad I'll be when you get here lol
    Ah, ok, that's... good I guess. lol. Maybe reassuring is a better word. :chuckle:

    Anyway, I'm doin' pretty good, and I'm actually getting into competitive smash on AiB. I hadn't actually played competitive brawl yet (other than with freinds), but now I've played lots of wifi matches there. It's lot easier to get a match going on AiB since they have a chat board.
    Hey Miggz, are you at Acadia now man? I know we chatted way back about it, just curious if you are. xD
    no worries. I'm doing the same with the whole break and stuff. I still practice but I haven't smashed with people in a couple of weeks. After Sept. I'm on a 3 month training streak to get ready for pound 4 though.
    Unknown522 came the closest to beating me. 3-1 in winners finals in my favour. Every other tourny match I played was 3-0. : (

    lol get yo *** over here!
    Good to hear everything is going well. Hope to see you here soon. The tournament yesterday went well. 3 guesses who won. : D
    10-15 people on a good day. We're actually having a tourny tomorrow with about 70 people coming.

    Oh, and I hope you're safe man. Hurricane Bill is closing in on Bermuda I hear.
    Azula is like... The best character on the show.
    VERY awesome show :3

    Unfortunately, the transparent parts seem to become white when posting somewhere other than a thread :(

    Thanks for the compliment though, Dekuu made it for me :)
    Sorry to keep you out of the loop for some days. Things imo have gone from bad to worse. I asked a friend of mine to talk to him and found out he doesn't feel the same way. However he(the guy I have feelings for) told that to my friend yet doesn't have the guts to tell me? I don't want to seem like I'm in denial but my instinct is telling that the guy I have feelings for was lying as much as I trust him. If he thinks he'll hurt my feelings or something then he's dead wrong. I told him that only he's making it awkward when it doesn't need to be. I plan on inviting him to go to a tourney with me, just to have fun and hang out since we haven't ever since I told him how I felt. But chances are he'll avoid me or just hang up the moment he hears my voice, but its a risk I'm going to have to take.
    Yeah I can definitely say I feel better, and I did the same thing. Talked about my situation to another close friend so I doesn't really bother me at all.
    Thanks for the compliment. Either my friend must be deep in thought because I just can't figure out why he talk to me, I'm rather blunt and prefer the truth and I told him if you don't feel the same way about me, then tell me flat out, and I get no answer. I know me and him are still friends.
    Meh I guess so. Birthdays just really indicate one more year closer to the end. I try to just live everyday to the best that I can. Plus I won't get my real birthday gift until a month from now. I conviced my mom into letting me travel to NC for a tourney.
    Haha. Thank bro. It's always nice to hear "Happy Birthday" from whoever it may be. I actually kinda forgot that my birthday was tomorrow until about an hour ago...

    Also I'm a Cancer. I think my birthday fell on the borderline between Gemini and Cancer. lol
    I live close to canada. I play canadian smashers more then NY smashers.

    GeT at me!~
    Peterborough is far from me O___o

    Like, an hour and a half driving. And I lack a car.

    I'm there sometimes for family stuff, but not often.
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