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  • I can't, I told you guys I physically can't, and I'm sorry. You're still my french-canadian dreamboat though, and if you quit, i'll cheat on you with another french-canadian.
    no kidding?? lol well thats what i get for not talking to you in so long! im fine how are you?
    I just realised your avatar/name. Where did you get that pic? Are there any of other FF6 chars?
    exactly!!! lol
    in a bout a week im gonna be busy for 2 weeks anyways! so just gotta hang in there!
    o ya know, practicing on brawl with my brother whos FINALLY taken and interest in the game!
    plus ive been kinda bored, its summer vaca, and i live out in the middle of nowhere! lol BORING!
    I really enjoy the agreeing part. Will get rid of bias and such.

    I now support you and your goal, but good luck with that. :x

    Also Snake boards... suck at getting matchups done... lol
    Just in case no one has told you............... we have an entire matchup chart based off of matchup data given in matchup threads. <_<
    No offense, but I'd wait a bit longer before making your list with the current data at hand. Most of the boards with only like 7 characters completed are that way because they felt their old info was too misleading/inaccurate to stay up, and the other matchup boards who do have all (with some rare exceptions, like marth or such) are really, really outdated. Good looking project though ^_^
    To be fair, Kirby boards already went through all the characters once and are now re-discussing it, though I wouldn't be surprised if the thread changed hands and we restarted again.
    Nah I just created it like all that time ago, and when I came back I realized I had an account that was linked to my email account. So now I have a stupid lower cased name instead of a nice "Wckd" =(! But that's my fault for being extremely lazy. So that's mah story
    hmm, you've had an account for more than half a year, and you just started to post today. you've been lurking all this time?
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