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  • I was conflicted about whether or not to follow you because you had 69 followers and thanks to me, it's now 70. :( Also, great showing at Collision XII yesterday. I'd love to see more of your Diddy Kong at future tournaments. I hope your hand issues have been resolved.
    hey where you playing on fg earlier? if so I was the green kirby and gg :)
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    Reactions: ADHD
    LOL yeah. What char was I again? I play it so much
    you went marth and diddy i think :p
    If your going to brainshock. We should team.

    Hunger had to drop at the last second. And i know we can win. :)
    That was sexy.

    You know you wanna click it vvv
    It's the full pic of the guy in my avi. Maybe you can find out his name? If you wanted lol

    Who's the hot model dude you have? He's the first that rivals mine haha

    tbh I don't know who he is, but he's amazing :p

    And yeah I think you commented on him before, I could've sworn anyways.
    Sup bbycakes, just gonna tell you I've been sued before

    suing plank wont work, good luck if a law firm actually considers taking the case

    ophelia out -
    just a heads up dude, contacting the hotel over this pound 5 stuff could be tricky since they are probably under some sort of confidentialy agreement and thus cant release any information to you.

    probs best to start looking at ways around that if you guys dont want to have to pay for a lawyer
    I don't know too much about dorming since I commuted when I used to go there since I live about 2 minutes away. You should try asking Yes since he dormed there for year.
    hahahahaah It's all out of love. That match was just so sick!! Our match yesterday was good too. Where u beat me!!. We both survived to like 160% U want me to put that up!?

    I love u ADHD haha
    Ill delay your matches as long as I can for you, just try to make it as early as you can so your team won't have to start in losers bracket.
    If you show up, ill take care of you. like i did at hobo 21. just buy your badge
    Can you keep a secret?

    ... ... ...I'm secretly moderate. Really, whichever point is the most logically sound is the one I'll support, even if it's not always the one I'll argue for. (I am against banning MK, though. I'll say that.)
    It sticks closer to the manga storyline from what I hear, but I haven't gotten around to it. :v Sowwy.

    <3 you still

    Year late response to:
    "So snake is to the right of you, and he up tilts you. You are supposed to hold the direction towards him right? that's what I've been doin"

    Yes. XD
    Who is pride?

    And quite frankly, it's the ONLY lead towards a conservative ruleset that isn't an appeal to emotions, appeal to authority, or some other fallacious argument... :s
    The criteria is in addition to other criteria. ;) Hyrule Temple is banned in another criteria.

    1) I understand what you mean by that, but the only reason the criteria I wrote works is because it doesn't ask "How much is too much?" but it's worded in a way to not get rid of stages like Rainbow Cruise or PS2 which are perfectly fine.

    For permanent walk-offs, that'd be an entirely new criteria. :( DP is banned via the giant death bug; and YI (M) hasn't proven to be degenerate... once it is it can be rid of, but as of now there isn't anything wrong with it other than it being "gay". I'm 80% sure DDD's chaingrab doesn't work uphill on it, or things like Falco's CG? I'm not 100% sure.. I haven't played the stage much.

    It's harmless, gay, but harmless. Until someone can prove how degenerate circle camping is there in all 5 stages (Full house, each part destroyed 1 by 1, and empty stage)

    It's really hard to make a working criteria. =\ I've tried a looooooottt of things.. trust me.
    I don't see it as too conservative. :< Japan's... too conservative.

    Also LM can easily be argued for a light circle/circle camping stage, I just don't care to. I've NEVER had an issue there with the stage - and while I can see the light circle, it's called "light" circle for a reason.. and it's removable.

    Glad you think the idea is nice however, and the reason with the latter is simply because subjectivity is always a bad reason to do ANYTHING. :( This is why I fought so much for "extreme" stages being legal, because they didn't fall under a criteria.

    This criteria - in essence - rids of all bias on the issue, goes with what we are actually trying to find (competitive skill) and removes all factors detrimental to that. In essence it's an answer to stage problems.

    Combine it with full stage striking (since while these stages may be polar, they are "The most competitively fair" so seperating neutrals/counterpicks is rather useless) and you have the least biased stage list in the ENTIRE GAME.

    Unless of course, my criteria is proven to be flawed... but I can't see how it is which is why I want others to look into it.

    I tried to look into "proper warnings" ( I had another post about this, which just removed Norfair/Brinstar/Pictochat from play ) but it brings onto the table a lot of unwanted changes and subjective views of "what is a proper warning" and what isn't.

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