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  • hey pal imma team with FAE for brainshock D:

    atm im planning on going to chicago for don't blink in july. if you're there we should team for that
    you should team with RRR for brainshock!!!!!1

    he needs a partner and wants to team with you ;o
    Sup. You still going to Revival of WI? Im actually trying to figure out whats going on with fade. Do you know if he's going or not? I wanna find out for ride situations.
    Hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy hi im daisy
    1. Yoshq couldent have known that his car would break
    2. It's sorta lame he randomly invited his friends, but couldent you have just stayed in disciples car?
    3.mn is real cocky, but so is wi, hunger said he'd 3-0 me : I

    1. He told me his car probably wouldn't start or would break down but I thought he was exaggerating
    2.Disciples car wont work for long distance trips cuz it might break down
    3.who cares
    You'd better have another smashfest sometime soon... one that I can actually go to or I will be dissapointed for life! Dietz out!
    Wanna team for M.A.S.?

    You know I main Lucario/Link but I'd be willing to grind practice as someone else if you want me to play a specific character.
    Ahh so that's his name, I think I saw a few of his matches in the 2nd round of pools at pound 4. He is really good but some of his choice are very questionable, Neo better. Anyways Power ranking was based only for the USA and for people who have actually tournament ranking to back it up.
    As of right now, not sure but I think IL(Springfield area) is coming and they usually have major melee players. StL has a lot in the area. Some are friends with Tink so yeah. We hope big because the room is big. Oh yeah! KC is majority melee players and they are considering coming. So far, maybe around 30? I dunno.
    Spooky?? Why spooky? Plus if you're considering going to my tourney, why would I not ask? Sweet but just so you know, Melee is on Jan 31st and Brawl is on Jan 30. Drag hunger along with you! :D
    hmm i'm going to get there on 22nd : / sorry i'll have to miss you, was looking forward to see you and infern play again. come down again some time
    i can't do it on the 26th T_T
    i'm in wisconsin at that time, lol
    i'll try and host a fest while i'm in WI at a friend's place in Oshkosh (where i'll be)
    NO PROMISES!! don't fall into mines on your way there
    (also hope you don't mind me being so friendly even tho we've never met LOL)

    I seriously want to know why he hates me. D= I can't remember
    I only post for the sake of Samus metagame, I do not post to be apart of the community. I like to learn from other Samus mains and I hope they learn from myself (Samus Pummel Stuffs, Character writeups etc etc) and other things.
    I mainly lurked around until about 2 months ago, joined in early 08 but just didn't post because I didn't know enough about Samus.
    i have a blue party hat for melee pikachu but brawl pikachu is weak!
    ain't hatin >_>
    i just don't see many people in a full pikasuit
    it's weird and awesome at the same time
    just needs goggles!
    rofl what
    dude if i had a hoodie with pika ears i'd wear it all the time
    dunno bout a full pikasuit, though, that's kind of weird >_>
    the creepy face made me think it was something dirty
    **** yeah fruit rollup tattoos, those are awesome
    i can't even tell what's in his/her mouth
    i'm not sure i want to know
    i looked at my monitor from the side and it just creeped me out even more
    oh dear god your signature
    classic blue cuts it off and it's ****ing creepy

    and your avatar makes me think of keyboard cat
    that's ********. that thing is like sex.
    haha! says the dude who was kicking my ***. your samus is too pro. at the end there though we had a few good ones where crucial mistakes (all mine baby) cost the match
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