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  • Hey, would you be willing to take over the Conduit 2 thread in the LH should it come to that?
    I definitely would had I not sold my Wii. I never really played it anymore so I got rid of it a while ago. Conduit 2 was like the only game I was looking forward too haha. Sorry though man, you thinking of getting tB back together?
    Maybe. Its lower on my priority list atm, so If I get it it wont be for a while.
    I just added you in Conduit 2. I'm new to the multiplayer aspect of this series, so try and take it easy on me please.
    hey, how did you set up your venue, I'm trying to set one up, but i'm having problems, any idea on what's the best way to look for one?
    Hullo, is the clan still going? Is the conduit broken yet? I played a couple rounds today and had no hackers, did they fix that up or does no one care enough to hack? :D

    Btw, how are you and your faith? I'm doing terrific. I'm also growing as a Christian, good stuff all around. I'm playing in a band that once up and running will be an outreach band, I'm just so excited for life.
    Any chance you could send me that streets picture? Odin gave the go ahead on showing it to myself and RDK.
    Here's my prob, you have any fixes?

    *No laptop.
    *comp and wii in different rooms
    *Can't move comp or wii
    *May or may not be able to get skype to begin with.
    Since you and I are the TOs, I can tell you what I'd like you to do while I'm gone. (I'll return sometime Sunday)

    *Get a pretty good idea of what rules people want for the tourney, I posted some preliminary rules to spark discussion, but I'm leaving in two hours, so I won't see what people say for days.

    *Take down dates that people don't want the tourney to be on. Right now We have from comboking not to have it on the 17th or 19th. We don't have to exclude these dates, just keep them in mind and try to find others if possible.

    *Find out what time of day people want to have the tourney, be sure to keep it all in central time so we can keep everything standardized.

    *Anything else you feel that is appropriate. When I return we can decide on a date/time and ruleset and start RSVPs, and give a few days for those to come in. Then either one of us can make brackets and get this stuff on the road.

    *Do you think host advantage is significant enough to warrant regulation? Also, will the tourney be single elimination, best 2/3? Counter picking? Counter picking could be our answer to the controversy over Pentagon and Bunker.... Please find out what you can about what people want, but since this is just a first tournament, it by no means has to be perfect. Thank you so much for helping out.
    Hey, could you please put my FC on the front page (for the conduit)
    1677-1554-0909 Mr.Victory07 (Yatcho)
    GGs:) I think it's safe to say your pretty good at the game;) since you one all of them.
    Lone, for reasons that are beyond me, my xat account got wiped or something. A bunch of nonsense is going on in the chat. Please restore the owner status so I can deal with some of this, its getting a little over the top, even by my standards.
    I got ****ing grounded the night before, finally got ungrounded by doing huge amounts of chores and it was too late to come..... I hate my parents....
    My FC is 3609-2273-3504. I've already added you.

    I'll host. Go on the chat so we can do this thang :p
    if its ok with you can we play at 8pm. To make things faster: I'm not CPing a character, only using puff. I ban Final Destination. I'll be on the chat at 7:30ish so you can find me there.
    Yes. I am.

    Because in the same vein, your friend could think it'd be hilarious to ban a bunch of people instead of just making a troll post.
    Man a 3 million dollar golf course? What does the president really wanna say; "Man my golf score? equivalent to the Dow Jones."
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