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  • Would you be willing to take over the Conduit 2 thread in the LH should it come to that?
    Haha don't worry about it man. Some people just like to be the sore thumb. we've already gotten serveral people motivated, and I have gotten plenty of good feedback, so just don't entertain the people who have nothing better to do than give rude criticisms.
    nice man, im glad its working for you. remember to play and practice with a goal in mind every time. dont worry about losing in friendlies, worry about trying new things and getting better. that advice comes straight from mango...

    interesting fact, lvl 9s di everything in, so you can do stupid combos on them that would never work on people. like shine backair or shine dair, shine upair, with fox, works on level 9s. shine bair never works if they di away.

    i still prefer to practice combos on lvl 1s cuz they make good combo bags and do different di =)
    lol, ill help you when i get back from vacation (leaving to go to some kind of park atm), coming home tomorrow.
    yeah, just use your best judgement. I can't tell you exactly what to do since every time you space it, it will be in a different situation. So just watch videos and find out what makes it clearer for you to think of it as.
    nair is pretty awesome, just do retreating nairs mostly...if you happen to hit her shield make sure you jab afterwards and dash dance away so you don't get shield grabbed

    watch out for nair outta shield from shiek's side
    bait the tilts and punish with dair -> combo -> profit, just a knee if it's the right situation

    spacing nairs helps A LOT; sheik can't really approach against it. The only thing you really have to watch out for is needles when you are camping a lot. In which case, just shield and then repeat. Usually they will get tired of it before you. The match up is particularly hard because even though sheik has a hard time approaching, when she DOES get a grab or combo off on you, it usually means death. you gotta be super unpredictable in your teching and sometimes even spazzy lol coming back to the stage is usually a huge false, too..so try to keep your battle in the center of the stage (pretty much follow this rule for every matchup :p)

    hope this helps
    i assume you are talking about for chars that do not fall from the shine, and it depends because they all move different lengths from the shine

    your best option is to be smash DI'ing all the moves away from fox, and buffer roll(R or L + c stick right/left)
    Watching high-level videos can potentially benefit one's play (although I would not go so far as to say it would significantly do so). Such videos can give you ideas on what to integrate into your game and can show you how to address most optimally certain situations that arise throughout a game. Really, it is difficult to identify specific things to look for while watching. However, I would suggest taking note of the various decisions that each player makes throughout the many encounters of the game and understanding the reasons behind those choices. For example, why would a Falcon player opt for a down-smash to tech-chase at the edge instead of a knee? Why would the opposing Fox player choose a down-smash instead of an up-smash to finish a waveshine on the Falcon that ends at the edge of the stage? Essentially, just as in the game, you must watch these videos with an analytical mind and attempt to grasp the reasons behind the players' decisions.
    Yeah, I had roughly 325 hours on it before I sold it. I think it's my third most played game ever. I have yet to get the second one though. I really should. But I heard it's not as good. :(

    Yeah, the first FFTA was one of my favorite games ever. I think I remember liking the alchemist class, so that's why I chose this particular avatar.
    Most of those combos aren't viable in tournament level play. They're advanced, and highly situational combo fillers I tried out to showcase some of Fox's potential.
    No, not saying that at all! I just thought it was a fitting quote, given the comment you made in your post.
    I know at least a few stores in West Lafayette should do regular drafts throughout the summer, including a place called Dragon's Den located on the Wabash trolley line, so it should be fairly easy to get to. It's by the Main and 8th st intersection.

    If you want to try the format out and familiarize yourself with the sets, I would recommend using an online draft simulator like http://draft.bestiaire.org/ to try a few drafts out. Specifically, I would draft ROE-ROE-ROE or ZEN-ZEN-WWK to familiarize yourself with current mechanics and cards or M10-M10-M10 to help acquaint yourself with drafting fundamentals.

    If you want to learn more about basic drafting strategy, I have a primer I can e-mail you that covers most of the important points.

    I'm not sure who all on the Dew Crew plays magic, but I know it's a fair few people, so hopefully you should be able to find someone interested in going with you.
    I do draft over the summer, but it's with my local store here in Fort Wayne. Sadly, I'm not sure if I'll be able to come down to Purdue at all this summer.
    i cant say i really think about the tier list...or really care for that matter haha, but you make a good argument and supply good support for it so i approve
    omg, I can't wait, chad will be there too, and zig might, but yea, I went to jab 2 and spent the night at george's house, roads in west lafayette suck btw, but coming back up there for another tourney might be in consideration.
    My apologies for the late response. I understand your situation and was aware of it; I was more so referring to a certain fervor that I have noticed in you lately with respect to improvement through participation in our community, a quality which I very much expect from and encourage in members of the crew.

    The best advice I can give anybody learning Fox is first to understand his physics, his movement, his moveset, and his options and how to apply these. The combos will innately flow from this knowledge and will integrate themselves into your game play without your falling prey to a rigid, unadaptive mind set that plagues so many players today. Of course, I also would suggest that you check out a certain link in my signature, if you desire some reading material.
    I will most certainly place you on the PPR. Admittedly, when Alan and I created the initial list, we noted that you had passed pools at that tournament but were skeptical of the extent of your involvement with the crew; however, in light of your recent renewed interest, you will be placed on the rankings and can begin challenging other crew members as stipulated by the rules in the first post.

    Regarding the Fox issue, in theory, a frame-perfect player could execute that string until a hit connects or his opponent's shield breaks. However, in actual play, the technical requirements and speed demanded by that maneuver are too great; as such, the Fox will essentially never be able to pull that off without being punished by far simpler decisions by his opponent.
    i dunno i think i learned that from playing sports and stuff growing up. Its all about mastering the basic, constant options in the game so you can perform them flawlessly. This allows you to stick to your basics and play efficiently in tournament. It will also help your mental game when you have a specific plan to do in tournament; it gives you something to focus on.

    The hard part is learning when to do moves and when not to. XD
    1. know the consistent things you can do for your character(shfflling aerials and dashing away quickly, basic combos and tech chases), and practice them so they come naturally. then you can focus on playing smart in tournaments.

    2. go to as many tournaments as possible. thats the number one best way to improve really. work on your mental game and have a strong attitude.
    haha, well scar jumping isn't really that important I just do it for funzies :p

    I'd recommend practicing your combos on peach/marth/ganon kuz they are the easiest to combo...practice A LOT of nair spacing as this will be your primary defensive AND offensive mechanisms. One thing I like to do that works well against comps is what I like to call "target practice." All I do is just shffl knees or full jump knee if they are in the air and whatnot...and just practice your accuracy with your knees. You should be able to hit knees at any height and any distance. This will help a lot in teams as well, so you won't hit your partner. Other than that, I'd say just work on timing for tech chasing and stuff like that. Unfortunately, I'm currently working on that kinda stuff myself, so that's all I got. If I come across something else useful, I'll be sure to keep you posted. Good luck!
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