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  • Hey jay lemme know what you're doing for naptown I really wanna go and Ill be sporting X23 and using PW for random last-ditch efforts :D
    Give me a call when you wanna get some gaming in if you're not busy. Hades confirmed to go with us tomorrow woot.
    7ish sounds great. My phone is all messed up and I lost some numbers. I'll PM you mine in a sec, and if you could pm me yours that would be cool too :D.
    sweet dude. I have class at 1:30, 4:30, and 5:30. Maybe sometime tonight we can hang? I have a late morning class tomorrow. 7ish sound ok?

    Hey give my number a call too if you still have it cuz my phone broke a while ago back and I never remembered to ask you for your number. If I don't answer I'll call you back later tonight.

    Also, Im tryin to go to a tourney this weekend, asked Composer to pick me up but he hasnt figured things out yet. It's Don't Blink near Chicago.
    (pokes) How was your break? Hit me up if you wanna play later this week. I might be going back to Indy for the 3 day weekend unless I can find something to do.
    Well okay then! That's fine. I didn't make it through playoffs anyways, I borrowed the office building's wii here at Hilltop and was forced to use the wiimote/nunchuck, but it was worth the try LOL

    Anyways we should try to get together after your finals if you can, otherwise hopefully next semester will be better. I want to see if your Zero is as amazing as you say it is ;) My Phoenix Wright has been ****** with my team set up, he works so well with Chris/Ammy.
    HEy jayford!

    Do you think its possible I could borrow your wii / brawl / controller or at least the wii for a bit??? I could totally give it back to you before vacation. I dont know anyone else on campus atm who'd be willing, there's a playoffs match on AiB and stuff. We could even hang for a bit and play marvel if you're not terribly busy, we havent gotten together at all this semester!
    Also if you get these messages after a while it's okay, we can make a plan to do something some other time, it was totally my fault for waking up so late...

    Like I said if you want to play easiest thing would be me coming over if that's possible, or, if not, trying to use one of the TVs (Hd...) hooked up downstairs at one of the residence hall lounges.

    Totally up to you. I'm getting something to eat, and Steep said he'd message (or call if he has your number) you or message me if things change. I'll be frequently checking smashboards.
    Jay. do you want to play still tonight? I want to. i need to figure out what we're doing, but...steep isnt up to it anymore since he had to get his phone fixed.

    sorry i woke up late. im sure we could take the smash + TV to one of the halls, but if you want I could come over your place? its up to you.
    Hey man I was planning on coming over to Purdue today and I had talked to Krystedez about playing, but then his phone is apparently broken…. and so is mine! -.-" I'm getting a replacement phone at noonish today, so could you call me if you are going to get together and play today? My number is 812-344-9827. Thanks man! I sent Krys a message too but Idk which of you will check your smashboards first. See ya later hopefully!
    Alright, anytime tomorrow but uhh... now that I think it, I dont have my own TV at my apartment. Is there somewhere we can go to play, or maybe I can go to your place?

    Sorry, slightly forgot that part >_<
    Saturday afternoon I should be free for a bit. Let me know what time works best for you.
    btw my phone is outta commision, I need some white rice to dry it up (dont ask...).... I dont know if it will work again, but just to let you know it died on me. So you'll have to message me on here if you need to talk.
    That'd be great~! and thank you! :) I tried my best, wish I won darn!

    Hey, are you able to play at all this weekend? I am BORED outta my mind, I just had my earth exam, and I think I did really well!! Im really glad to hear you near-aced your exam, and hope you did well on your other.

    But seriously?! Do you have a wii + brawl at all? Please tell me do... if you don't have time, that's fine, but if you don't have the game, that's no excuse! I will borrow it from Hilltop! If you dont have a wii+mote... AGgghhhhHHhggghh (snake's shield break noise)... That just means I'm disappoint...

    Sorry I'm a little hyper, havent had any sleep and woke up to caffene caffene caffene...
    That'd be uber tight, you better shout out to me on the stream if I run up to it or some funny crap XP

    Yeah, if only . . .

    Anyways I really hope you ace it, what class is it for?
    Ripple is picking me up and taking me to Indy today in the evening.. you're SO missing out.. Melee...Mvc... Brawl...

    Hope you have fun with your exams and studying, you're doing the right thing. I just finished a paper and am working on my stat HW.
    I happened to be on the Skullgirls website and thought I saw a guy who looked just like you. AND THEN IT HAPPENED TO BE YOU.

    So jealous you don't even know.
    If/when you go to SiiS6, please remind me, I'd like to go during the semester but only if I can keep my mind completely off of Smash and Brawl in general so I can do work in my studies. And I kinda have to have it randomly pop up so my dad wont get mad about it. If my grandparents find out im doomed forever far as college funds go

    but yea i wanna go with ya :)
    You have to team with Blake so you guys can be King of the Jungle LOL.
    It's cool, can you give me a call this evening, whenever you get a chance? I have a buddy of mine that doesn't want to drive alone and I'm still hazey on the details of the ride back, as well as if Beast or Li wants to go >.>
    Jaaaay I haven't talked/seen you for a bit. Hope the holiday is going well for you, and if not, I hope it starts. This holiday blues is getting to me... D:

    Hope your grades were good (I'm sure they were *JEALOUS*). I can't wait til SiiS4, I was hoping I can ride and team with you. Hope you're staying in practice!
    You just made the most hilarious post ever (the one in the MLG thread)

    Good **** LOL

    I would post this in the thread but I'd def get infracted haha
    I'm gonna get u back man for beating me with Pichu man and if u don't remember me, I'm th black Kid who you ***** in a melee MM from Nebraska also how you doing man?
    Actually now it looks like I might do:

    Mario Party 2/4, Melee or Brawl Minus as a side tournament.
    Wow that was hilarious hahahaha, so good.

    Still, will miss you much.
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