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  • Dude. Thanks a lot for trying to include me. I really don't want to get any arguments or anything started up, I can still go to tournies. kso made a point, I could host my own smashfests... but I probably wont bother. I'd have to the convince the parents and such, and I'll be fine. I do appreciate the fact that they tell me what's going to be there so I don't go and then have to leave. I'd really like to thank you for your efforts, but they aren't necessary. Have a great day and God Bless.
    Hey ya ac_burito

    nice Rikku avatar pic you have
    how are you??
    what you been up to??
    having fun??

    well take care c ya bye...
    Hey join the Ragnaroks Impact. We are a developing clan and need members.
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