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  • Hi there I LOVE your guide! It's an honor to be in the same contest as you, I truly hope you win. You really deserve it!
    Thanks, man, much appreciated! Best of luck to you!
    Captain Zack
    Captain Zack
    I mean having over 130k+ words is like a book! It's amazing how much work you put in for the community!
    Sir it was good to meet you and was honored to fight you in grand finals!! Best fox i ever fought cuz u werent like allvthe others. U were patient... Even kels would rush me down with fox and would get punished.. I salute you and hope to face u again ^.^
    Same to you, good sir. Next time I can make it out to a WDW, I'll let you know.
    I play Fox in Barwl now and use the CKIT tag loooooooooool. You would be proud I do cool stuff like nair shine and up throw to donkey punch with DK in Brawl : D.
    I've got a question for you. Does/can watching videos of high level play significantly benefit your play. If so, what things should one be "watching for" to most effectively improve one's game?
    "in light of your recent renewed interest"

    Also, just so you know, it was never an interest issue. Merely a demanding tennis season (conflicted every single sat) followed by several conflicts in a row. :D
    I can totally understand you not putting me on there to begin with. I mean, why in the world would I be on a list when I don't participate. I've got no problems there, I'd have done the same, I'd just like to get on now. :)

    With the jc shines: I figured it'd be hard. :) I think I saw someone come close to pulling it off in a match after 5 or 6, I guess I just got excited at the concept when I learned how to triple jc shine ~1/20 of the time...

    When learning fox, would you recommend learning learning lots of combos or shine oos first?

    Thanks a lot for your time.
    2 things:

    #1 Can I get on the PPR? I made it out of pools in maus edition 2

    #2 Is there anything keeping fox from doing a shuffled nair>shine>jc shine(s) until shine breaks or pokes the shield?
    Thought I'd find you here. I'm a big fan of your combo vids. As you can tell I main Fox as well, can you give me some pointers?
    Hey you guys gonna make it down for the Ohio melee circuit event the 28th? If you gotz family johns its all good but i hope IN can come too
    hey cunning u have amazing combo vids and i alos wanna sy ur cute haha XD
    You are the fattest Fox ever.

    I don't know why you don't consider losing weight.

    I mean, syruplessly, you fat yo.

    I'm going start taking you on walks, you're just too fat.

    You're not Santa Claus jolly fat, you're not Jigglypuff cute fat.

    You're all day and night, all you can eat fried chicken buffet with deserts starting at 6pm fat.

    Prepare to be thin, fat fox.

    No upsmashing until then, ok?
    Hey, remember that time I went to SMYM and you weren't there to team with me?

    Casy plays for ACE and is in the OSL Ro36 right now. He's playing in a group with Kwanro and GGPlay (both are sorta middle of the pack Zs right now) tomorrow, so he might even make Ro16 :p

    You should check out Fantasy and Leta if you haven't, they're sorta taking T in a different direction than the Flash/Mind macro era was. Lotsa cool innovative play from them.
    yea, I never had the M&M control needed to fights Lair units. I probably could teach myself to do it at this point, but at the time I found it really difficult.

    Casy's M&M control is awesome, I love watching that guy play TvZ.
    TvT is silly and annoying =P.

    I started off trying to get into competitive craft as a T, but I eventually realized that I only liked TvP, so I switched to Zerg and they fit my style better anyway.
    lol, yea...

    I'm so in love with this picture, it's like, perfect for Dogspa.

    Actually, looking at your avatar, we're probably going to have the cutest wall to wall conversation ever. *high five*
    LOL, holy crap, it most certainly was the same time! Hmm, while on the topic of "most certainly," according to my previous post to you, I most certainly know how to spell 'unfortunately.' >__>

    Heh, but in all fairness to me, I wrote that during the time of day where achieving a higher-order level of thinking is rendered virtually impossible.
    Waking up at 5:50 in the morning for Summer class is actually pretty cool. You should try it sometime.
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