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  • tbh, I'm housing XD. I live 5 or less mins from the venue and overall I'd be free. I have to warn you though(As I had a while ago), I'm probably the biggest scrub you'll ever meet, so if you wanna back out and find a new partner, I'm 100% fine with it, seeing as how I've never made it out of pools XD
    dude please tell me u have that match between me and ripple recorded. If u do upload that **** as immediately as possible so I can have some fapping material
    Looks like I won't be making smym 11. I was looking forward to meeting you and watching chad and such. Total bummer. Anyway, someday, we'll play some pika dittos. (I officially dual main him with falcon now)
    edit I don't hit them twice per a full hop but only once at the top and if they di away I would think you could wd back. also it does nearly no damage.

    Also your post it like caved in on me. It bended back into the srceen and I started freakin out thinking i'm tripping balls. Your posts freak me out.

    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=257434 you going to this oooooorrrrrrr the other one?
    I do that combo with pichu up-upair part it does work and I do it when I can the best set-up is to WD back and upair. Also after some time you will fully perfect how much stun up-air does on space animals. Also that hit sets up a grab on fox till 60% (when SHFFLed)
    Righteous! (lol surfer term) JAB 3 is unfortunately on hold atm. But I really hope we can find a work around and still do it this year. But I'm really hoping to make it to smym 11 (I've never been to a regional tourney, I'm pretty new at this game), and with other pika mains it'll be crazy. Although I'm not officially a pika main. ... yet. :D Idk, I pick up characters for ~ 2 days to a week and then go back to falcon all the time, just trying to find a character I'm comfortable with. Who knows, it could be pika. Have a good one.
    I might be going to smym 11, If I do, we should get pika dittos. :D I live in Purdue area in Indiana. If you are ever interested, you could stop by our bi-weekly tourneys.
    Hey, I might be looking for a teammate at TIMS3 since Josh is teaming with Anthony. If I don't find one(trying to weasel my way into a team with Rashad, but that's looking unlikely =P), you want to team? Playing Falcon/Sheik, doesn't really matter which to be honest.
    I would love but. there's no way I could get a ride and my dad won't drive me any farther than indianapolis maybe a little farther. Sorry I would love to.
    nuetral b, I cheacked it's a little behind them. his UP-B is petty easy I wish pichu had that good of a sweetspot.
    Hmm...Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl might be in order for Josh and I's team at SMYM10, that is, if he agrees to the idea I had. Lol.
    wow it's really that hard? that's the only time I use the Z button, I always thought it was easy but ok. I,ve seen people do it out of their sheild.
    could you ask n64/axe on their thread, why pikachu sometimes full hops upair? unless you know, trying to use it for pichu. does pikachu have any sheild pressure other jabbing? if so that would be sweet. I think pichu has a bit better sheild pressure vs some people peach/zelda can't grab pichu during his jab. thank you in advance
    A3 ti your Q. don't it to much because you get destroyed if they CC even more so for pikachu than pichu, because pikachu's is about 3 frames lagyer. It destroys everyone's sheild and set-ups up ground moves(again this is from a pichu with less lag) if they do CC start jabing it's your fastest move or CC them back, neither is great for you.

    it's an amazing move but not as amazing for pikachu because of more lag and your much lower grab range

    I know for pichu this let's you grab the ice climbers
    sorry but don't try up-throw fair for a few reasons 1.pikavhus threows have more knockback 2. It rarly combos 3.People have given me a far amount of s*** for it. But it can sometimes work, but really it's not that great.

    Not saying you can't try it, it seems to work. Do you play as pichu? Because If so I willl start makeing a video pichu guide tomorrow, sorry but it's nearly useless for pikachu. But it might help
    hey im working on a smashfest during our spring break im gonna need some help *general message to everyone*
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