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  • well I'm no expert but I thought your Falcon was great. Wish I coulda played your Falco, but yeah, the pink Falcon had it going on. Where are you from btw?
    Yeah it's not looking good right now. :( I'd say, go ahead and team with your guy for this one. If I do in fact make it, we'll do some teams friendlies/MMs, and I'll buy you a drink or something!
    Hey, so, potentially bad news...

    There's a good chance that I won't be making it to SMYM12. School has been insane lately and midterms are the week after, which means I might not be able to afford dedicating the whole weekend to smash. Also, I'm getting pretty low on money these days...

    It's about 50/50 at this point, but I'm just giving you a heads up right now...you may opt to find another teammate. Sorry for such late notice, but I don't want to leave you hanging until the day-of! If I do make it we'll play some team friendlies or something!!!

    Again, I'm really sorry about this, I know it's like the 2nd time in a row that it's happened.
    An update on SCSYN...looks like KS/NE are leaning towards not going after all (NE wants to come down here for an interstate smashfest instead) so I may not be going. It's still possible but at this point I say to just find yourself another teammate to be on the safe side. Sorry man :( I even promised Vro we'd go when I was at APEX
    Whichever one you're more comfortable with should be fine, Sheik+Peach is great for edgeguarding/gimping while Falcon+Peach is good for some aggro punishing, though you have to be accurate with those mighty knees lol
    you can still enter doubles
    just let me know if you want to, ill put you guy's names down.
    my phone number is 408-202-9185
    Yeah I main IC's although I used Sheik quite a bit this tournament (obviously). I also play Doc and Luigi but I'm afraid to use them a lot of the time.
    let me talk to one of my friends, I was planing on teaming with one of my friends who doesn't play much just as an incentive for him to go to the tourney, but if he is teaming with another one of my friends which might be possible, I'd love to team with ya. IDC which of your chars you would play honestly, and depending on the situation, I could go with like 1 of 8 chars.
    He's still playing both Pikachu and Warhammer. He's probably playing more than me, in terms of a weekly average (aka he's doing fine). He hasn't switched mains yet, but certainly has voiced his opinion in terms of possibly picking up a secondary character.
    that would certainly be impressive (lol) I think there will be at least 3-5 locals who don't have a teammate right now, and I'm sure you could convince one to be your pal the day of. This list would possibly include kourck (fox), tdk samurai (pika), and kurtzmann (falcon).. and a few people you wouldn't know of
    I'll ask around here, dunno if me & Derek are teaming, or looking for others honestly. They'll be somebody who needs one AT the venue, I'd bet.
    well, I can't itunes it, cause I'm outa itunes cash, not that I would if I wasn't, but if you would like we can youtube it at smym or something and you can play it, although, I think alot of people will get mad ;-)
    that **** was mad hype. Tell me when u find the vids, i'll get back at you if i do
    hey, that vid of u and josh set2, if its not laggy on ur comp when u play it, then try uploading it again, it might just be YT being gay. If its laggy when u play it on ur comp, then its supposed to be like that i think.

    Can't post u a message on YT cuz maintanence

    u don't have to if u don't want to
    hey im working on a smashfest during our spring break im gonna need some help *general message to everyone*
    oh did you look that up on gamefaqs.com like i did too? hahaha but thanks anyway ;)
    Hey, i saw that u lived in elmwood, I live in the elmwood district too and was seeing that u guys had a tournament of some sort that was about to happen.

    (copied from Skirby's mesage) yea its the same thing. too lazy. sleep time
    aww thats disappointing :/ well now all i have to worry about is choking....*nope not gonna worry about who i play none of them can handle snake i guess*
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