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  • Actually no, I've switched to Melee completely now, and I play the Ice Climbers! Nothing says adorable like "Boing! Boing" when wavedashing. :) Adorable death!
    Yeah, my Falcon just gets REALLY impatient...I sometimes can't control it lmao >_<...But I'm from Peoria, IL. Actually where Dart, Andale, Captain Pr0n/Spekkio, Leo, and Black Panther play.
    you're going to be sitting around forever if you're waiting for an edwardsville smashfest/ you have AIM? IM me-LWoodyard08. my email address is Just let me know if you're coming through town, I'm down to play 24/7
    Hahaha, yes, I was indeed. I'm starting to play Falco now, though. As far as my status when it comes to maining Falcon...we'll see xP I may keep him in the pocket for certain matchups =P
    second round of pools.

    I fell asleep during it though. I'm not sure how much further I would have gotten if I had been rested.

    'lil salty about it but I don't really have anyone to blame but myself. >_<

    me and spaceballs made it to bracket for doubles though.

    Our first match was m2k and armada on the livestream. we got wrecked.
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