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  • I knew it! And here people were giving me crap for saying it the right way

    So do you know how long will you'll be in Kansas?
    Yeah no kidding, and to think I was going to go to sleep at 10 rofl...**** sleep exhaustion Melee is worth it
    am I good with ATs? I guess so, I can Dair>waveshine>grab at least 50% of the time with fox lol. But ya im feelin brawl alot lately and shieks DACUS may be one of the only difficult things to do in brawl. But falcon dittos would be awesome maybe melee and brawl falcon dittos? lol
    gahhh i know!! lol. I might even consider bringing one of my own TV's if that's the case haha. And yeah ive actually be devoting most of my time into street fighter so i might be a tad rusty for brawl,but eh,im sure 1 night of cram training will get me warmed up again and ready for brawl. If it's not laggy chaingrabbing shouldnt be a problem
    haha,im PRETTY SURE its this saturday,but AJ is inconsistent alot so idk 100 percent sure. But this time im pretty sure brawl is this saturday and street fighter is next saturday. I will definitely show up to both of them :)
    well marth is still one of my mains but I think im gonna start using shiek and peach at tourneys, shieks DACUS is made of win

    ive also been playin melee fox and falcon
    haha, its funny that you ask that cause i actually was just discussing how to pronounce it with my friends a lil while ago,and ive heard it pronounced both ways,lol. Since its not a real word I guess there isnt any official way to pronounce it,but "hast-ool" is probably more correct,and thats how most people say it haha. Although i think hass-chool might sound cooler,so i might start saying it that way hahaha :p either one is fine really
    getting into the back room for brawl... by going to major tournaments and being involved in the community and then you lurk on the boards.. lol i know a few people that got in that way. otherwise i have no idea
    Lol, sick vid, Sliq beasted the losers bracket at PoE2 :p

    And yeah, I'm still a Falcon main, I'm just having difficulties with certain matchups as of recently...
    ohhh gah,i actually have seen that chaingrab before but i never worked on it hahaha. And that projector was laggy enough that i would probably end up missing the grab and sending the person flying hahaha. But thanks for the links,i will definitely work on this cg!
    hey ... brawl tournament at gamers sanctuary this next saturday 18th

    will be best of three with counterpicks and maybe double elimination..

    im trying to get people out for this one
    hey don't worry its gonna be sometime during next week....the weekends are for my gf :p
    hey im working on a smashfest during our spring break im gonna need some help *general message to everyone*
    dude those were some awesome friendlies but u ***** me in the tourney I wasnt expecting ur random melee style aggression
    yeah they were hilarious...**** i need more practice *gotta stop melee so i CAN practice >.<* or im never gonna actually find a good CP for that **** D3 on FD :p
    after i get the tournament thread up... it would pwn if you could post it as a tournament on all is brawl... im not very active on there
    haha,occasionaly i do play online but not very much..and chaingrabbing would probably be harder online but idk i guess im decent online. And my aim is Hastule haha add me anytime
    Yeah,alot of scrubs show up at Gamers sanctuary hahaha :p Besides,they shouldnt complain because once counterpicks are in effect there,chaingrabbing wont really be much of an issue. Even though it really shouldnt be an issue from the start.
    haha,nah...im decent with D3 but i totally main IC now hahaha.I think after practicing them for about 4 months i finally know everything there is to know about them.And i mean EVERYTHING hahaha. People actually complained about my "cheapness" last tournament because i was them,lol. Now the store owner is considering banning chaingrabs which would be really lame and take so much metagame out of his tournaments, we all need to go talk to him to make sure he doesnt ban them cause that would be lame,and would make the ice climbers useless.
    mkay haha i just picked it back up about 3 months ago so im not AMAZING fyi
    play to win thats right...oh well i have like 180 bucks in store credit from last time anyway XP
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