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    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    wish you didn't run in front of our set so I could actually beat wife
    also we shoulda played what the heck
    =[ The other dude was Kage. It was the most natural route for us to get off the stream, so I had walked halfway through before I realized I was totally in the way.

    You were up 3 stocks to 1 though. Either way I feel really bad about it.
    ahah I didn't mind you walking in front of us, in BC that happens all the time so i'm used to it. just wish he didn't quit x_x are you going to apex?
    I'm still not sure if I have a ride to SFO on Monday; Tafo said he'd try to arrange a ride for me since he has to work, but nothing's confirmed yet. Would you be able to give me a ride to SFO at around noon on Monday if no other options pan out?
    it's got everything you need in it

    make sure you're using the DVD version if you're using discs otherwise IT WILL CRASH
    sorry i have other stuff going on that day and at this stage i think it's too late to change anyway. I think I'm gonna try to have another tournament at UIUC before the semester ends if SMYM goes well though.
    Hey what dates work for you guys for the February Rolla monthly? Possible dates include the 18th and 25th probably. Let me know ASAP if you can! thanks
    I see you're planning on going to The Big House...
    any way I can catch a ride with you? i'm in Rolla, MO at the moment. i'd probably be able to catch a ride to St. Louis though.

    let me know :)
    Good job on Genesis man. I didn't recognize you at first cause whoever posted the video was using the Atma tag (which is the same tag I use) but I usually see you tagged as darkatma. I want to play your godly Sheik bro. I feel like I can learn a lot from you =]
    yeah man, my apartment is located @ 3250 winton road south, henrietta ny, 14623, apartment L-12. Show up when you want, and also i just got a new phone and i don't know the number, so if you don't show up before then i'll post my number via visitor message :) can't wait :)
    This weekend....are you goinggggg? KC is going for sure now and I think Arc is gonna be there. You vs him GF??
    Lmk lol I wanna play you. Oh and Zantetsu is going.
    Yo, did you find out if you're going to the Columbia tournament for sure yet or not? 5 are coming from Springfield and KC might go too.
    Awesome thank you very much. Hopefully you all can go to the Columbia tournament. Even though Springfield won't be in STL on the 2nd, I'm sure we'll make it there for numerous tournaments in the future.
    Yo Atma, help me out. I'm trying to get a good idea of notable Missouri smashers. Can you let me know who in Saint Louis plays competitively? Even if they don't travel for tournies. But they have to live in Missouri. Like, dmac from the KC crew wouldn't count because he actually lives in Kansas.
    Unfortunately Midwest HD tournament is not an option for Springfield atm. We actually were gonna go to A.R.K. III, but our drivers car is having transmission issues. I'm just flat out broke from moving and just starting working again. We are definitely going to be at the Columbia tournament on the 16th though...are you going?
    Spring break starts next week--I'm going home friday and staying there until monday. I'm hitching a ride with ripple and gambit from springfield. just lettin' you know
    see you at smym
    Alright well I'm sorry, my tire blew out and my spare flattened 15 minutes away from the Springfield Amtrak, so we couldn't make it =(...
    Ok so me and An8676 are planning some major last minute stuff because we got boned by everyone pretty much. Going to still show up, but our train is from 10:15-12:20 so we're going to not be able to do doubles apparently, someone is coming to pick us up from the station but it's a 20 min drive but no biggie I guess, don't have to do doubles =P What I'm asking is, if we need to sign up by 11, can you enter Gooeybanana and AnDaLe/An8676 for Melee singles please? We will have venue fee $ and singles $, and I'd greatly appreciate it!
    atma... i've heard a lot about you. I'm the friend Siegfried is talking about. I main cf and play a pretty good marth, falco, and luigi. I started about 3/4 year ago. Anyways you should definently come down to Poplar Bluff and play us.
    Atma, I don't think you remember me but I'm pretty sure I played you in a melee/brawl tournament in Edwardsville, IL ... mmm last spring? That Leg guy with the really good DK was there too. I mained peach and you beat me with sheik ... anyways, were you the guy with the white controller? I hadn't seen one before so I decided to get one. My friend and I have played a lot since then, and I think we're both about as good as you were then. So if you get bored sometime consider coming down to Poplar BLuff, MO on a holiday or something. There arn't enough good players or tourneys around here and it would be pretty awesome.

    Btw, this was all in melee .. we don't really play brawl.
    I'm not amazing, but I need someone better to play. A friend of mine who I would place at the bottom of the good pile taught me a little, so I learned and got to the point where I'm the best at my school, which isn't saying much. Where are you located at in StL? Would you be interested in some friendlies for funsies?
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