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  • you've convinced me, $10 off for bringing a full setup is the way to go at big tourneys. thanks for the info.
    yo where is Alcheato vs. me? was hoping to see it as it was the only recorded set of mine from the tourney
    how did $10 off for a full setup turn out for SMYM? i'm thinking about doing that as extra incentive from now on for big tourneys... just wondering what the setup numbers were like yesterday.
    so there's no way the SMYM can be march 3rd instead?
    then MO and MI can go... just not sure how much it would affect other state's plans
    are you free wednesday evening? I could get a small smashfest going in the afternoon, but most people aren't free until the evening, so there would be a lot more people then if you're free to play.
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