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  • Hey. Ive been a huge fan and melle player for years. Just resently got into deep gameplay and i wanna get good. Is their anyone in the midwest missouri area you or someone you know can talk to to play with me. Ill never be great playing computer.
    Hey! I'm in midwest MO too! (Perryville) And there's tons of people who play melee here too! And sm4sh for as well. Let's talk and get some community going! Only stuff around is sm4sh torny's in St. Louis
    It completely depends on the number of initial pools. With a large number of pools and large number of players advancing from each, rematches should be avoided for even longer than two rounds into the final bracket.
    Weeklies is pretty fun, being with other competitive smashers is a great atmosphere I enjoyed it and will come back as much as I can, next time I just don't want to get there last minute
    Juggleguy I know you're like the expert on all things Smash In Michigan, I love melee and want to improve but there's only so much you can do without other players, I know there are smashers in Michigan, I just don't know where, I live in Metro Detroit, and I'd like to find players close, and tournaments close, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help, thank you
    Hello Rob! Next weekend I am going to be attending my first tournament, which just happens to be run by you. I was unsure if my wireless wavebird controller will be permitted? I have read rules on APEX's and even EVO's website in the past where wireless controllers were banned. Will I be allowed to bring my wireless controller to this event, or should I go find a different controller?
    Could you please repost or send me the example of the Michigan Smashbros club constitution you had linked up? The link does not seem to properly work anymore. Thank you
    I know this is a little to early to say but any Summer Tournaments your planning to run Super Sweet was fun and I improved after and I really want to see what I can do know.
    Summer 2015? Haven't thought about it yet.
    Hey man what's up?
    I read that registration for SWEET is closed, can I attend as an espectator?
    Also, I'll be staying in Novi, Michigan for a month (I'm from Mexico), can you hook me up with someone to get a few matches going? Thanks!
    I was listening to an earlier episode of MIOM and I believe you or Scar stated that the eventual plan was to make the podcast available on itunes in audio format. I've looked once or twice and couldn't find it. I'm assuming it's not a priority or things didn't work out?
    I was supposed to do it but completely forgot. Look for it in January, we're rolling out some new things for the new year and I'll include it on the list.
    Looking forward to it :)
    Hey I sent you a message on facebook if you were wondering who Jordan Fruin was, might show up in some random tab since we aren't fb friends.
    Wow, I remember seeing you on IGN's Brawl forums way back in 2006. (I lurked there a lot at the time)
    What's up? Glad to see you here on a site that's approximately 100x better. =P
    Although, it was definitely just the SSB Board, not the "Brawl" board...

    I am need of some help for housing for EVO. I posted a PM, but you can feel free to reply on my wall as well.

    Thanks a million.
    It was actually the joke of I'm the best female smasher.

    I think though at ROM 3 or so, Axe and a few others who knew me said I was a cute asian girl or something LOL
    Hey Rob, for Outrage II, is it okay for me to just give you the money? Scott said it was easier for you since you have paypal, but I don't really want to give Dakota $100 and then give you the money. It just seems complicated and I don't want the money to disappear. lol.
    So the two problems I'm encountering are:
    A. How do I go about appointing region leaders...especially for regions I know nothing about such as say Alabama or something?
    B. I need a Name (official smashboards one), Location, and Smashboards User Page URL. Would appointed regional leaders take the time to find those?
    The regional leaders shouldn't be the ones filling out all their players' info... that's too much work for one person. It's the players themselves who have to do that, and the regional leaders are only there to act as encouragement since they have influence over their local communities.
    I'd be very surprised if the group admins/regional leaders weren't willing to cooperate. There's a reason they've made and maintained those Facebook groups... it's because they love the game and community as much as we do.
    Hey juggleguy, I saw that you said you might host a regional on march 23.

    champaign was thinking about hosting SMYM on that date too. lol. we should talk about it
    Yo! So I've been hosting NEOH's Monthlies and just curious if you have any general tips and advice you can pass on to a noob.
    Look forward to meeting you, I've heard nothing but good things. Thank you for hosting this tournament and I expect a great time.
    two or three. safe # is 3

    leaving monday morning*

    im anthony detres on fb*
    we would probably bring 2-3 full setups and 1-2 recording setups.
    alright so we would be driving there (12 hour drive) from CT.

    "We should get there on Friday
    Leave at like 8am Friday morning
    get there at night"

    departure time would be pretty much whenever i think we have til monday night but we can leave earlier
    hey so is there anyway you think ct could find last minute housing? D: i know its SUPER LAST MINUTE and all ~ ):
    I think me and gunpunch recorded our first round winners set on your set up. If you have a match of a falcon and samus in a bo3 thats us.
    Hey, can you upload me vs. Nintendude from Impulse? its after Nintendude vs. Vudujin (though not immediately after), fox vs. ICs, yoshi's and DL. Thanks
    Stupid Facebook chat won't let me send messages.

    What I mean is, I'm just going to port over parts of the Melee-FC registration to make this less time-consuming. Right now I'm just trying to see what I need to adjust with WordPress to make it wide enough, not crunched together, like I did with the Melee-FC site (e.g. remove the sidebar and such).
    alright haha, my bad for being not prepared. all the SS videos are up and linked for ya haha.
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