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  • true, true, true. I know ima have to do that. lol

    but yea, as long as youre taken care of its all good.

    btw, is anther coming with you guys?
    Im already doing that for all the florida guys... I can hook you up too if you need it.

    but if youre set already thats fine too.
    I was retired. I couldn't make it to tournaments, so all I was really good for was giving practice for an uncommon match-up at smashfests.

    But sure, I'd be up for teaming in Melee. :)
    hey, man, lol out of random i did a random search, and you posted this, about me..

    "Congrats to Vectorman! Chances are we won't see a better accomplishment all year than a Yoshi making it to Pound 5 bracket."

    I just wanted to say, it's comments, like these that really wanna keep a player to keep going... thank you so much, Look out for my Roy! xD

    Just thot i'd let you know.. i appreciate it <3

    Well that's definitely true
    But it's also part of a larger effort to make NC a more efficient tournament state

    A lot of times we end up making things take too long and not finishing on time
    So I just wanted to see what you did to see what I can apply and share
    Hey Juggleguy
    Do you mind talking about how you ran the tournament?

    I'm going to start hosting tournaments soon and I was hoping for some ways to keep it smooth and continuous

    Hey rob, it's been 2 weeks and I sorta want to review that match before big house lol
    I'm assuming this is because you didn't enforce the RR to be played two sets simultaneously at all times?
    Actually, just noticed where the scrollbar is coming from. In your code, just change widget=true to widget=false.
    If you're using CSS, try "overflow: hidden". It's what Smashboards uses to hide overflow signatures.
    Are you getting Halo: Anniversary? With new maps and a title update being released for Reach (removal of reticle bloom), I may start playing again. :)
    Hi Juggleguy,

    I don't know if you remember, but I'm trying to get alternating tournaments going between Northwestern and U of Chicago. You mentioned that Michigan and Michigan State did this last year, so I was wondering if you could tell me what you guys did regarding the venue. I know some schools can be iffy about allowing non-students onto the campus to play for money, so where did you guys host tournaments? Were you able to get around such complications and host tournaments on-campus?

    Anyways, thanks for your time. If we're able to get these running smoothly, I hope to see you and your MI crew sometime!
    i could do a few hours in the evening as well, but i have nothing to do all day basically so if anyone wants to play earlier, i'd like to do that too so we can get as many matches as possible. I wish SWF would notify via email for visitor messages like it does for PMs... i would have seen this a lot earlier.
    I'm certainly going to try, but nothing is for sure :l It depends if my van is up and working by then.
    Hey Juggleguy, I need a favor. I'm working on a large project with some Melee back room members to get an elo system up and running. You can read more about it here. Anyways, I was going to see if you could email me the .tio file for your tournament "UM Triweekly 3" and any others that you have. My email is medes86@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it, thanks.
    I already asked this in the UMT thread, but just in case you see this and not that, do you have a teammate for tomorrow? If not, wanna team :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: ?
    My if's and mights are powerful. I'm waiting for my lazy friend to wake up haha.
    I just logged in and saw your message from December 10, 2010 about SMYM12.

    Unfortunately, I don't live in the midwest no more, but I'll be at Genesis 2.

    This message is a reply to a post that is way ****ing old.

    That is all.
    Sorry about that minor mishap with the spreadsheet. Can't believe I didn't realize that. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to use Google Docs for the first thing I ever made LOL.
    Enjoy and thanks again for mentioning that!
    I can't guarantee anything right now, but of those two dates, 6/11 sounds better. I'm pretty sure I'll be in MI then.
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