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  • No worries. I'm never on here anymore either, really.

    Well, if you see this, my email's w_lienhard@berkeley.edu. Hit me up if you want to play at some point.
    Haha wow, thanks for the reply =P sadly I don't have enough money or desire to attend Genesis 2, but I'll eventually make my West Coast national debut... someday... then we'll play!
    I'm down. Besides that though, we should at least get a few people together and smash. I'm at the point where I'm way better than all the people that I play with, but I'm still probably a bit below average as far as Berkeley tourney go-ers are concerned. And I have one friend who's getting to be decent.

    Anywho. Yes. Tourney. Let's make it happen.
    Hey dude. You were talking about TO'ing if other people in Berkeley were interested. I'm down to help whenever. I'm a friend of Izzy's and I'm always up for smash.
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