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  • yo that link better come out and play tonite even tho u say smash is so boring now witch is right but come out and have fun taboo everyone and make everyone rage quit lol havent done it in a while
    Been hosting at my house. Still just once a week. We went to the ann arbor tourney last month n theres another this saturday
    Haha, hey ^^

    I'll be back in Michigan in a month! I've played a few times here with the Boston smashers and I mostly get my *** kicked xD You?
    Rob's house is next Saturday...unsure if I am going yet because of work. but we have smashfests all the time out here, just stopped posting them due to lack of people outside the group that come. I don't recall how far you are, but you should definitely make your way to Rob's. Best way to get experience.
    I don't really host smashfests anymore, but I've got a brawl tourney that I'm hosting for the midwest circuit coming up first saturday in february.
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