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  • Oh snap! If at all possible, I also had a pools match vs The Good Doctor and 3chairz. TGD 2-0'd me, I went Green Sheik for dittos then Pink Falcon on FD. 3chairz...I think we ditto'd Sheiks, me being green. I 2-0'd him pry sure. No biggz if you can't upload =P
    Alrighty, must've overlooked them! Thanks for the speedy updates brotha, definitely hyped for our MM at SMYM ;)
    Hey man, can you upload me and Little England's pool matches from SG? I'm the pink Falcon that didn't CP Peach vs him =P
    Yea, that date works perfectly for me. I'm gonna team with Jason. Thanks for the offer, though!
    I'll be in MI from March 15th to March 25th. Looks like the only saturday that includes is March 19th, but I should definitely be available on that day. It'd be cool if it worked out. Thanks for looking out for me, Rob.
    You're so much better than I thought you were. You just need to be in a better melee region :O
    I think Ken (Fox) vs DSF (Sheik) was from SF actually... but you should check with someone like Hyuga to make sure.
    ill let you know in a sec, ill see if i cant get a hold of haley

    if they are there i can find an address for you, or at least get you decent directions
    No but he's going to Jason's aparment if that's what you'rea sking. It's on Geddes/Observatory
    I think I'm playing like all day haha.

    My number is 201-407-6605. I don't really know the exact place I'm going but call me and I guess Stratford can tell you where to go. =3
    Yea, I'm goin to Ann Arbor actually. I'm gonna hit up my friend's place.

    Which is somewhere in Ann Arbor lawl
    yo son can I grab my recording thing sometime soon? i wanna record some 64 matches lol... tell me when's good for you
    Stratford is housing me for... some period of time dunno how long haha. Though I was talking to Junglefever about going to like AA randomly to play a bit maybe.

    Anyway I'll definitely see we can play!
    Ahhh I see congrats in any case bro. Hope that works out for you.

    Ehh I honestly don't think I can go anymore haha. But w/e I'll just chill in MI like I always do. If you can we should meet up and play =D
    so wen u guys comn to the east side to remind us that the "skills" r on da west? or r yall gon make us come out thur?
    Hmmm well regardless I'll probably ask you for a ride back. Even if I don't go to MI first haha.

    Anyway 15 sounds fine with me thanks again man. I'll let you know if I'll fly into IL or MI.
    Thats... mighty... detailed haha.

    Aright well I should have asked this earlier but when are you planning to leave MI that is?

    I might have to fly into IL if you leave too early :(

    Or.. so I can decide when to fly into MI and all that stuff you know.
    Nope. I don't think there's a screen to project onto, nor room to put one.
    LOL, I forgot about actually getting to AA **** LMAO.

    Ummmm lemme see what I can do, I haven't thought that far through.

    Ok, well I'm in the motion of planning my annual trip to Michigan and I was hoping I could somehow get a ride to SMYM and back....

    Do you think you may be able to? I'm atm riding with Junglefever but he's like on the fence of going so...
    Can you IM me if you're going to save my videos somewhere else? My AIM sn is cherubimon holy

    There's some stuff I want to ask you.
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