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  • ah dude i don't think i'm gonna be able to make it any longer. i have this concert i'm going to tomorrow plus an essay i need to finish :/
    yeah most likely! such a hassle to commute to get there but i'll figure it out
    yeah that is very selfish...just because you leave ssbm behind, doesn't mean you had to close your account. now not all of your videos will be reuploaded, and the few that already have been don't have volume sometimes.
    Haha! I think franziska is awesome.

    Detective bad is quite awesome. He dodges alot of bullets @_@
    yes. there is a small smash community in SB, no one really that good. i live in thousand oaks, about an hour and a half south. the best here are me and Embracethe12 (he lives 20mins from me in moorpark) replicate also lives here, but goes to school in Santa cruz
    Awesome, another melee player. :D

    Santa Barbara's awesome. It's a beautiful town with a rich history and a varied geography. You'v got the mountains to the north, beaches to the south, and a bunch of awesome architecture in between. The downtown area is very touristy and pretty, so you should def. check that out. We've got asians, but I believe the ethnic makeup is more white and latino.

    Once you get here you'll notice the architecture is primarily spanish. That's becuase it's a city ordinance. The city is the only californian city with such legislation to preserve that part of its spanish heritage. Uhhh let's see what else do you need to know... well there's way too much to list here, so I'll let you do some discovering on your own when you get here, or you can ask me more specific questions about the city. hope that helped. :)
    Yeah ok. We have little smashfests frequently here, so I'm sure I'll meet you early on. If you play melee, the ucsb melee community consists of me, gosu, josh, and like one other person lol. If you play brawl, the brawl community will have Jun, KeepinItFresh, Bright, and lots of other people. So if you play brawl you'll feel right at home. Obviously the melee community here is smaller but we're tight lol. Anyway, if you have any questions about the Santa Barbara in general, feel free to ask me, and if you have any questions about Isla Vista, ask Jun lol cuz he lives there. I have to commute from home to UCSB, so I don't know as much about Isla Vista.
    Are you going to UCSB then? Yeah I saw your post. If you're coming here, then welcome! Where are you from?
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