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  • Haha, yeah that's true. I still need two more melee discs in order to have enough setups for the tvs. If you know of anyone or any place I can get them cheaply ($20 or less?) let me know. :)
    He's another BBR member.

    And Calvin and Hobbes is only like the best comic of all time!
    Yo, can you hit me up on facebook chat sometime (not this minute hehe)? I need to talk to you about a few things.

    SporT my KankeR
    Congrats Rob, you deserve the position :3.

    If you have any questions let Travis or I know dude.
    We (all of us besides solace one) didnt realize it was the same date until you posted so we figured it would be best to change it to improve attendance. So dont feel bad if you cant make it at the changed date, it was for everyone and not just you guys.
    @ Dees: You don't have to change it just for us, we can't confirm our attendance so far in advance. I just thought June 30th would be really bad for anyone who wanted to attend both IMPULSE and the NEOH tourney, which are only a few hours' drive away from each other.
    Also, congrats on a successful VENGEANCE, I heard from several MI people that it was hosted really well. I see you guys did an amateur bracket, which is something I definitely want to include at Big House 2. Do you mind talking about how you managed the distribution of setups in that sense? How many were there, and did you start pro bracket and amateur bracket at the same time or different times?
    VENGEANCE ran pretty well...the huge issue was not being able to use all of our setups for doubles due to having the TVs close together (we had about 18 setups I think and we had more but the venue owner didn't wanna let us set up more which is understandable since we had our tourney at an arcade that didn't close down business just for us lol). Another issue was us being stubborn and not just delaying doubles top 8 until a certain amount of singles was completed.

    So the way we did amateur bracket was that we started it during doubles and tried to play it on TVs that weren't in use for doubles. This was pretty good and worked fairly well EXCEPT we kept losing people/not being able to find them, had AB on the same computer as doubles, and didn't keep the TVs for AB limited to one section. Combined with us only being able to use 8 TVs for doubles, this pretty much created enough occasional bottlenecks to slow us down by a few rounds and caused us to run doubles, singles and AB concurrently. The other contributing factor to this 3 event fiasco was just the doubles thing.

    My recommendations for an AB are therefore as follows:
    1. Start registration immediately after pools
    2. Run the bracket during a pro event but use a different computer. Doubles is preferable. Start the event once you reach LB3/4 or WB3 areas
    3. If it's a two day, run your AB during the second day so that the amateurs who brought TVs don't take their TVs with them on day 2 (just in case there's a car full of amateurs)
    4. Rope off a section of your TVs and designate those specifically for amateur. Apply usual DQ'ing policies
    About Youtube. How do you record videos over 15 min. ? Do you have to get a certain amount of views on your account or do you have to pay a premium fee?
    ummm guess we could take him out let him have a good time problem is hes on probation lol could take him to a strip club i got free passes lol sure he wouldnt mind lol oh by the way my tag on league of legends is taciouse
    my bad juggle lol i havent been on in a while aye did you know dopes mom passed we should do somthing for him i know hes having a rough time
    Nah, can't go.

    I already had plans for that day a long time ago.

    Btw, do you want my Impulse stipend? You deserve it anyway lol
    lmaooooo shoot. I understand the situation though dw. Thank you for finding out for me and it's cool, I'll just go message him.
    @ Rye: There was nothing at the venue when I went back. And I just saw in the results thread, Dempt says he has your controller... don't ask me why he took it of all people >_>
    Hey Rob didja ever come up with my controller that was left at the venue?
    It's black with a Raichu sticker on the front.
    We had 18 setups by the time we started doubles. We had 19 once singles started. I'm not sure if 10$ venue discount increased the number of setups by much, but it's a decent token of goodwill towards the guys who bring setups since a tournament will be terrible without them. But based on how things worked out this time, I would probably do the same thing for SMYM 14 in that department.
    Oh yea derp no, I'll definitely be there from 11-18, leaving on the 18th.

    I meant I'm not sure which day I'm going derp.

    lol sorry bout that.
    Hey Juggleguy, I was just wondering. Do you think that anyone in Ann Arbor or MI in general would be interested in coming down through Columbus to Athens for a Brawl and Melee tournament in Early March?

    I help Keister (TheKiest) run a good bit of the tournaments we run here in Columbus and in Athens and we were thinking about how to grab more Melee people around the state. It's a bit unfortunate, but for the longest time the center and the bottom of OH has been a primarily Brawl state. I myself started as a Brawl player and am now focusing more on Melee and SF. There are loads of us who play but also loads that don't travel, especially since the oldies don't do much of either these days. We've managed to get the Pittsburgh Melee crew to want to come over and I want to also grab people from other states as well. For Brawl, we usually can grab IN/KY, MI, WV and sometimes like IL/WI/KS/MO for larger tournaments and I was wondering why we couldn't do that for Melee.

    Fortunately, we've got a pretty good set up down here in Athens. Housing is pretty plentiful since the University doesn't mind us staying overnight there (which is usual for our Friday fests) and we pretty much have a whole floor to ourselves for the weekend. There are plenty of food places within walking distance and tons of them that deliver. I'm trying to gauge interest and well, reach out to prominent Melee TO's (namely you it seems) in order to give everyone a good experience and learn a lot more. The Brawl scene typically loves our tournaments and I'm hoping we can get the Melee scene to as well.
    He would most definitely like to come over to the states again, especially if his flight can get covered and gets free housing! However, I don't know how the visa works exactly . . .
    Total money spent was $1500+ so I'll break it down for you!

    $160 for Javi's visa! (Spent an extra $240 for Tuga's visa and passport, but he didn't end up going :( )
    $350 for Javi's flight!
    $650 for hotel and other travel expenses!

    I sent him multiple transfers throughout the course of 2-3 months as well! We used Western Union since it is easiest for him to pick up cash and the total transfer fees were just above $100!
    I dunno, I think so. I won't be landing down from my flight till 10:30 though.
    Hey Rob, I noticed nobody's headed up an Apex Brawl vids thread yet, you want me to get on that?
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